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Rascal OPTO Isolating Relays

Handy OPTO Isolating Relays

A superb range of handy relay modules for the professional engineer

  • 1Ch - 16Ch Options
  • 240V AC 10A Relay
  • OPTO Isolated Input to Output
  • Trigger With 0V or 12V Input

Handy 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 channel relay which boast 'opto isolation' of input to output for added safety and to ensure circuits are truly electrically isolated.

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The Rascal Handy Relays boast 'opto isolation' of input to output for added safety and to ensure circuits are truly electrically isolated.

For maximum versatility you can select the Rascal Relays to either be triggered by a low input (0V) or a high input (12V). The opto isolator input also means that the trigger voltage only draws a tiny 3mA so that it does not overload the device used to trigger it. These superb units are industry standard 12V operation and control the output relays that have a maximum 240VAC 10A rating.

There are 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 way models so that you can pick the correct Rascal relay to suit your application for a neat and professional job.

Typical uses are for linking and controlling independent systems together such as CCTV, burglar or fire alarms, access control, gate automation, lighting and HVAC but they can be used in multiple ways by the professional installer.

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