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2.8-12mm IP Eyeball With iSense - 5MP

Attractive Compact IP Eyeball with Face Recognition & Detection

2.8-12mm IP Eyeball With iSense

  • ANPR Built-in
  • Facial Recognition*
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Audio In - Audio Out
  • Human Detect & Vehicle Detect
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detect
  • Line Crossing Detection
  • Stationary Object Detect
  • Cross Counting
  • Crowd Density Detect
  • Queues Length Detect
  • 2.8-12mm Motor lens
  • 5MP
  • IR
  • Perfect for ZIP NVR Kits
  • In Black or White

An attractive eyeball with built-in ANPR providing simply staggering value for money, perfect for ZIP NVR Kits.

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An attractive eyeball with built-in ANPR Providing simply staggering value for money.

It's really a cut-down version of the superb facePLATE Power zoom IP camera. This camera doesn't quite have the same processing power as the facePLATE PowerZoom and as a result, it can only use facial recognition and detection when used with ZIP 8ch and 16ch NVRs, not 4ch ones. For its ANPR capabilities it can work on its own or with the 4, 8 or 16ch PoE ZIP NVR's enhanced performance.

It's a great addition to the ZIP IP kits adding ANPR features at a competative price. Smashing competitor's products out of the park. Having a 2-8 12mm varifocal lens it's more suited for close-up recognition of number plates and faces and it's easy to adjust it to suit the application. If you do want to use it for facial recognition and detection you must use it with the 8 and 16CH ZIP PoE NVRs*.

Being varifocal it's a great add-on to the Zip IP Kits where the Hero's wide-angle lens doesn't quite give the view you need of an entrance perhaps. Then you can use the smart features only if you need them.

The camera can recognize vehicles or people over other objects helping minimise false alarms and only recording video that's actually needed to save space if required.

Great uses of this camera would include ANPR for homes and small businesses, especially when you can put the camera near an entrance for detecting known shoplifters or unwanted visitors to an area or building. Or even for a time and attendance system in a building. It really is a great add-on to the Zip IP kits.

The camera has additional smart features such as heat mapping, queue length detection, crowd density measuring and so on. It is a great all-round product and really helps professional installers win new business. These extra smart features will always be maximised by using it with the mighty ZIP PoE NVRs for maximum compatibility.


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