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NiteDevil HERO IP camera

NiteDevil HERO IP camera

... colour in low light with a built in warning strobe !

  • Full Colour 24/7
  • NiteDevil tech
  • PoE & 12V
  • White light LEDs
  • IR LEDs
  • Alarm Strobe
  • Mic & Speaker
  • 4MP Hi Res
  • SD card slot
  • Compact size
  • Wide angle 2.8mm
  • Sound Detect
  • Human Detect
  • Vehicle Detect
  • Line cross
  • Perimeter cross

The all new HERO NiteDevil® IP camera has been designed to give quality colour images both day and night through its built in NiteDevil technology.

Boasting the very latest NiteDevil chip-set the Hero performs superb in low light and a full moon is all that is needed for great colour pictures, it's one of our very best low light cameras to date.

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With both IR & white light built in, the installer can chose either obvious or covert IR illumination, or indeed none at all and let the ambient light illuminate the scene.

Being a Hero NiteDevil, the camera has human detection and can tell the difference between people and other objects in its field of view. When it detects a person it can then warn them away with its built in flashing strobe light and alarm siren. A built-in scheduler allows you to set when you want the Hero to deter people or you can simply switch the feature off. The Hero can also detect vehicles in its field of view, useful for alerting you when a vehicle is present at a location. Having a built in mic, it can also ‘listen’ for sounds and when it hears a specific sound it can then be used to trigger an alarm.

Boasting the very latest NiteDevil chip-set the Hero performs superb in low light and a full moon is all that is needed for great colour pictures, it's one of our very best low light cameras to date. The Hero is a great IP camera to use on most jobs. Its superb performance & low cost, make it staggering value. With the Hero we have put all the budget of the camera into its electronics rather than its case to offer the best possible value in these tougher times.

It's a perfect addition to any ZIP NVR but it will work with most other OnVif compatible NVRs. The Hero works with the ZipPro android and iOS Apps and also the Windows ZipVision Pro software.

a comparison between a IR camera and a NiteDevil one.

NiteDevil® Technology in Action (images for guidance only)

Handy Features include....

Built In Strobe Deterrent!

Adjustable up to 3 minutes, the Red & Blue Strobe is activated manually or by a hard wired alarm input (PIR, break beam, door contact) at your NVR, using the camera s on-board motion detection function or on your mobile using the ZipVision App.

On-Board Siren

A handy alarm siren that sounds for up to 3 minutes and can be activated by your NVR, the phone app or using video motion detection (VMD). Adjust the volume to suit your application.

Mic & Speaker

Hear as well as see what is happening in the area, you can even use the Zip Phone App to talkback to your visitors- welcome or otherwise!


Activate the superb deterrent features above to suit you with the Zip NVR's weekly calendar. Great for activating functions only when you're not on site or your business is closed.


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