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Easy To Fit IP CCTV 16 Channel Kits

16Ch Easy-to-fit IP CCTV Kit

with 8 NiteDevil Hero Cameras

  • Dual White + IR
  • QR Code setup
  • Up to 16 Cams
  • Google & Alexa
  • 2MP- 4K Rec
  • 2-way audio
  • Fast to fit
  • Easy IP CCTV
  • Plug & Play
  • PoE up to 250M
  • ANPR add-on
  • Auto Track PTZ option!
  • Facial Rec add-on
  • Built-in Strobe
  • Pre-made cables
  • Person Detect

This superb KIT comes with a powerful feature-packed 16CH Zip PoE NVR plus 8 NiteDevil Hero cameras that produce superb results in low light.

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This superb KIT comes with a powerful feature-packed 16CH Zip PoE NVR plus 8 NiteDevil Hero cameras that produce superb results in low light.

NiteDevil Hero Camera

Cameras simply plug into the NVR using either pre-made leads or creating your own camera cables using our "Easy-to-make2 lead kit if you want to tailor your own lengths.

The NiteDevil Hero cameras supplied are our best ever in low light giving superb pictures at night. These fantastic cameras boast 2-way audio so you can record sound from all the cameras and even talk back to an area via their built-in speaker.

a comparison between a IR camera and a NiteDevil one.

NiteDevil® Technology in Action (images for guidance only)

With advanced person and vehicle detection capabilities, false alarms are minimised. Using the camera's built-in warning strobe this advanced detection technology can be used to deter unwanted intruders during hours you can specify.

The superb NVR is 100% plug-and-play with the cameras supplied for effortless installs.

You can add more Hero cameras to the Kit or choose alternative ones to give additional features.

Adding the ANPR camera allows you to capture, store and search through number plates in a database, and even trigger actions. Similarly, the face recognition camera captures, stores and compares the faces in a database, perfect for identifying shoplifters or as a "Time & Attendance system" for businesses. You can even enter a face in the phone app to search through all the NVR's videos to find any footage that matches the face.

The new ZULU® PTZ can detect and track intruders so as they move around it follows them! With its superb new 5MP sensor it all the other cameras, it simply just plugs into the NVR.

Phone apps and Windows software are all supplied for free and remote monitoring and set-up is dead easy using QR codes. We even offer free remote dial-into site support for any additional hand-holding you may need, making these kits both unbeatable value for money and hassle-free to install.

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