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5MP Supa DVR Kit

4, 8 and 16 Ch 5MP SUPA DVR Kit

… with Best Selling NiteDevil® Cameras

  • 4, 8 or 16ch DVR Options
  • Free Support Session
  • 5MP Recording
  • Free 3-yr DDNS Package
  • Choice of Prefitted Drives
  • Free App & Software
  • Google & Alexa
  • Free PC Software
  • Audio In/Out
  • Low Light Mini Eyeball Cameras
  • Cloud Storage
  • Full Colour 24/7
  • Extra IP Cam Inputs (4ch-2, 8ch-4, 16ch-8)
  • Dual IR & Strobe
  • Alarm In/Out (via IP cams)
  • Free CCTV Warning Stickers

Full Colour 24/7, Superb 5MP Recording and 4, 8 or 16 camera options. The Zip Supa DVR is our best selling DVR model. It suits most applications as it offers a superb 5MP recording quality that’s gives great footage so if you’re looking for a quality CCTV system that won’t break the bank then this is the kit to go for.

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The Zip Supa DVR is our best selling DVR model. It suits most applications as it offers a superb 5MP recording quality that's gives great footage so if you're looking for a quality CCTV system that won't break the bank then this is the kit to go for.

We've pre-fitted a hard drive to make installation easy and the DVR already comes with QR code setup and a free session to get you set up for remote internet viewing either on a PC or via your mobile phone.

Just like the 2MP Lite DVR, it comes with top features such as CCTV on your Alexa & Google plus cloud storage but the Supa has an extra e-Sata port too that facilitates the ZipStor HDD enclosure. This means you can add anywhere up to a massive 40TB to the DVR's recording capacity. The 4K Xtreme DVR on pg 39 also has this feature so they're both great where long term storage of recordings is required such as on Licensed premises.

Our best selling NiteDevil® mini eyeballs offer great performance night and day with full colour images 24/7. Their 2.8mm fixed lens offers extra wide angle surveillance and a built in dual LED offers the option of both IR and white light from the camera, the choice is yours! The full range of base & bracket options (pg.72-73) give maximum flexibility for mounting the cameras.

Free CCTV Warning Stickers, software, phone apps, 3 year's DDNS service for remote viewing and a free remote support session worth £45, all make this kit great value for money!!

We've put together some fast fix cabling & accessory packs that include everything you need to get your CCTV kit up and running including cable, clips, power supply units, power & BNC connectors as well as a crimp tool. Choose from the 9 or the 16 camera pack and save over 9% on the usual trade prices.

To enhance your CCTV kit even further we®ve picked out a few items as popular add-ons opposite and you make a saving by buying these the same time as your kit. Though they're not essential items, they will add extra functionality to your kit that your customer might find nice to have. There's a choice of additional cameras, a great value LCD monitor as well

Pack CAB709 includes:

  • 100m RG59+2 Black (CAB502)
  • 100 Clips Black (FAS026)
  • 10x BNC Crimps (CON455)
  • 10x DC Connectors (CON370)
  • 5A 12VDC 9 way PSU (POW400)
  • 1x BNC Crimp Tool (TOO980)

Pack CAB716 includes:

  • 200m RG59+2 Black (2x CAB502)
  • 200 Clips Black (2x FAS026)
  • 20x BNC Crimps (2x CON455)
  • 20x DC Connectors (2x CON370)
  • 2x 5A 12VDC 9 way PSU (2x POW400)
  • 1x BNC Crimp Tool (TOO980)
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