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12V DC Plug-In Power Supplies

Quality 12V DC Plug in PSUs 500mA or 1.5A

... ideal for powering cameras locally!

  • Plug in Style
  • 12V 500mA or 1.5A
  • 2.1mm DC Plug
  • Low Heat
  • AntiHumŪ brand
  • High Efficiency

Superb little plug in PSUs use the latest 'switched mode electronics' for high efficiency, low heat and a clean regulated 12V output.

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Superb little plug in PSUs use the latest "switched mode electronics" for high efficiency, low heat and a clean regulated 12V output, perfect for CCTV equipment or other sensitive electronics.

These PSUs ahve a standard 3 Pin plug and the 12V output is on an industry standard 2.1mm DC plug fitting a vast amount of electronic equipment. Popular buy for powering local individual CCTV cameras.

The units have no polarity change-over switch or voltage adjustment making them ideal for CCTV as they cannot be adjusted by the end-user.


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