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RoboPlate ANPR Cameras

RoboPlate ANPR Cameras

... use vehicle registrations to open gates, trigger alarms or send alerts !

  • Captures, Extracts & Stores Number Plates
  • No NVR or Software Needed
  • IP CCTV Cameras
  • Superb Image Quality
  • Black-White-Grey List
  • Compact Eyeball 6-22mm
  • Bullet Option 5-50mm
  • ANPR Command Centre Software Add-On
  • Sends Pop-Up Messages
  • Self Contained Solution
  • Alarm Output
  • Sends Emails
  • Triggers Relays
  • NetSend LAN Triggers
  • ONVIF Protocol
  • Audio In/Out & Built-In Mic*

The new RoboPlate ANPR cameras can be used as part of a CCTV System or as a complete self contained stand-alone solution to capture and record vehicle registrations.

*Built-in mic on the compact eyeball model.

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The new RoboPlate ANPR cameras can be used as part of a CCTV System or as a complete self contained stand-alone solution to capture and record vehicle registrations and trigger events such as opening gates based on number plate matches.

Two models of ANPR cameras are available, a compact Eyeball design for mounting lower down on gate posts or entrance walls or a traditional bulletdesign with an industry leading 5-50mm power zoom lens.

Completely self contained the RoboPlate ANPR cameras don't need an NVR or any additional software to capture number plate data, add it to its built in black/white/grey list and then use it to open gates and trigger alarms etc.

The cameras can be set up by using a computer or tablet to connect to their built in browser interface where you can set up how it functions and add data to its built in black, white and grey list of number plates.

The RoboPlate cameras have a built in low voltage output relay (3.3V TTL) that can be used to interface with other equipment such as an automated barrier, or you can use its unique NetSend function to control other equipment such as reworkable relays. Networked relays have the huge advantage they don't need a direct connection to the camera but simply need to be on the same network. Both types can be triggered subject to licence plate detection. Triggering can take place for every combination of a black listed, white listed or an unlisted plate.

The NetSend functionality also allows the camera to send pop up messages to computers and for example could alert a Petrol Station manager that a known "drive-off" has pulled on to the forecourt. Or it could inform a business owner that a VIP customer has pulled into the car park.

For power users of ANPR equipment we have written our own software program called ANPR COMMAND CENTRE (SOFT1045). This software makes it easy for the user to have more than the 3 black, white and grey lists and create as many as they want to trigger various actions. You could for example have a VIP list, Customer list, Staff list, Courier list etc.

The software allows additional flexibility to trigger alarm actions based on if X & Y happens then a certain event is triggered. The additional software also makes handling large volumes of registrations easier. The software is an add on and the cameras themselves can do the basic ANPR functions as a stand alone item.

In addition to the ANPR COMMAND CENTRE software a lightweight pop-up widget is available for PCs called RegWATCH (SOFT1046) that will display the live image and a pop up message from the camera when a registration match is made to its built in white or black list.

The RoboPlate ANPR cameras are based on ONVIF protocol so they can be used as a standard IP camera and most NVRs will be able to record the live video from them.

RoboPlate is a great solution for installers to capture vehicle registration data and then use matches to trigger events and actions.

As System Q write our own software if you have a bespoke ANPR application please contact us to see if we can help you.


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