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Rapid Deploy Wireless Battery Powered Cameras

Easy - Fast - Simple Wireless, Battery Powered CCTV Cameras !!

... perfect for temporary installs to win sales

  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Great for Temporary Installs
  • Advertise as a Unique Service
  • Reuse, Sell, or even Hire Out !
  • Add-on for ZIP CCTV = Extra sales
  • Wireless for Neat Installs
  • Fast Fit for Rapid Deploy in Emergencies
  • Easy to Upgrade to ZIP Static Cameras

The Rapid Deploy CCTV system is a fast and easy solution to provide CCTV protection to sites with minimum mess or disruption.

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User Benefits:

  • Wireless - No Cables - No Mess
  • Battery Powered - Fast & Flexible
  • Batteries are Rechargeable
  • Spare Batteries for Swap Over
  • PIR Saves Power & Starts Recording
  • 200M Range for Larger Sites & Buildings
  • Up to 12 Months Battery Standby
  • Around 2-3 Weeks Battery Typical Use
  • 2-Way Audio - Listen & Talk Back
  • IR Night Vision
  • CCTV on Mobile Phone or PC
  • Kit Savings Over £140 !!

The Rapid Deploy CCTV system is a fast and easy solution to provide CCTV protection to sites with minimum mess or disruption.

How does it work?

The Rapid Deploy CCTV system consists of a 4Ch wireless receiver that simply plugs into a Zip NVR or DVR via its rear USB port. Once the wireless receiver is plugged into the Zip NVR or DVR it enables it to see and record the wireless Rapid Deploy CCTV cameras.

Being wireless and battery powered the Rapid Deploy cameras are fast and easy to fit. The impressive 200m range means you can use them on building sites, garages, sheds, storage yards or similar applications.

A built-in PIR means the Rapid Deploy cameras only transmit the video when they are activated, saving power and providing ":event only" recording thus extending battery life. If you want to see the live images from a camera on a phone or computer when you select the camera, the NVR/DVR receiver sends a signal to the camera to "wake" it up to allow viewing.

Continuous 24/7 recording is also possible but requires powering the cameras with a permanent 5V supply, so they don't sleep and to preserve battery life.

The feature packed Rapid Deploy cameras also boast built-in IR night vision along with a microphone, so you can see and hear what's happening, and a built-in speaker so you can even talk back to site from a mobile phone or PC.

Powered by a quality rechargeable Lithium Ion slot-in powerpack, on standby waiting for the PIR to wake them and record, the battery can last well over a year! For a typical installation with semi-frequent activations, the battery life is typically 2-3 weeks but completely depends on how often it is triggered by the PIR.

Spare batteries are available and it is recommended using these so the batteries can be swapped at pre-defined intervals when used to protect building sites and similar temporary installations.

The power-packs are 5V and made to be charged from any mobile phone type Micro USB charger, so it's easy for users and installers to always have a charger at hand.

The Receiver is a 4Ch unit so it can work with up to 4 Rapid Deploy cameras. Because the Rapid Deploy cameras are IP CCTV cameras, they use 1 IP channel on the DVR or NVR for each Rapid Deploy camera. Zip DVRs have a min of 2 IP channels (some 4) so even the Zip DVR can use the Rapid Deploy as a bolt on.

White Rapid Deploy cameras are made of tough ABS and the black Rapid Deploy cameras are made of metal for more robust usage, both can be used internally or externally.

For professional security and CCTV companies seeking to offer value added services to their customers the fast, effortless and clean installation of the Rapid Deploy offers a new additional way of getting sales and winning business.

How it Works

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