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32ch NVR, £1 more than a 16ch!

Zip NVR “Double-Deal” just £1 !!

... get twice the channels for just £1 !!

  • Stunning Video up to 4K
  • iSENSE AI Built-in
  • Free Software & Apps
  • 250M LAN Boost
  • Built-in PoE Switch
  • Free UK Managed DDNS
  • Free Remote Setup if Required
  • Face Detection & Recognition*
  • Vehicle Detection System
  • Perimeter Intrusion & Line Crossing
  • Up to 4 Rapid Deploy Cameras
  • Alarm Inputs / Output
  • ZipStor Esata Expansion*
  • Heatmap System
  • Cloud Storage, Email & FTP Built-in
  • Google & Alexa Compatible

32ch NVR only £1 more than a 16ch !!!

With a high demand for our ever popular ZIP PoE NVRs we are currently out of stock on our 4CH model. To help our customers we are offering an upgrade to the next size NVR for just £1 from its usual price.

This means if you wanted a 4ch NVR with PoE and a 1TB HDD it would cost you just £1 more than the original 4ch price to get the 8ch 1TB model.

Full prices and order codes below.

Similarly you can upgrade from the original 8ch price to a 16CH for just £1. The deal is on most of the Zip PoE NVRs fitted with HDDs. For bare bones NVR with no HDD fitted it's an extra £20 to upgrade to the next model up.

The ZIPNVR features Alexa & Google integration along with facial recognition, vehicle detection and other smart features when use with the appropriate ZIP.

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This PoE ZIP NVR can power your IP cameras directly so it really couldn't be easier to fit. With its built in LAN boost feature you can have cable runs up to 250M so distance issues are a thing of the past. The iSENSE technology can even tell you how much power each individual camera is taking so you can balance loads.

iSENSE is the new and exciting "artificial intelligence" firmware for the ZIP range of NVRs bringing AI technology to this established and trusted brand. ZipNVRs with iSENSE firmware and ZIP iSENSE cameras can automatically detect people, recognise faces and even compare them in a built in database. You can even upload an image from the phone app and search for video of that person in the recordings. No longer do you need to search through hours of footage looking for people, let ZIP NVR find them in seconds using iSENSE.

With Google & Alexa integration and cloud backup the ZIP is a trade-only NVR that means business and wins business. The new iSENSE firmware can detect vehicles, even distinguish if a car is stationary or moving and trigger events, for example if a car is parked where it shouldn't be, and with iSENSE it's all done automatically.

Using the power of Google and Alexa integration you can for example pull up the video feed from the ZIP on an "Echo Show" using a command like "Alexa, show me my feed from my drive camera" making the ZIP NVR range ideal for the switched on Pro CCTV installers.

False alarms are drastically reduced using iSENSE rather than line crossing or VMD. You can identify the object as a person or vehicle rather than a false trigger from sunshine or animals. You could even identify who it is and trigger only on "unknown people".

Intelligent Dual Stream recording means you can record at 4K and a lower resolution so remote monitoring is lightning fast but you still have stunning 4K video for evidence when you need it.

Remote viewing on a phone is superb with the new ZIPvision Pro app. Fully loaded with features such as search and play, instant notifications, face database upload and search plus lots, lots more! It really is a fantastic tool to satisfy the most sophisticated technophiles.

Zip NVRs are ONVIF compatible so they will work with 3rd party compatible ONVIF IP cameras but different manufacturers have different features. If you want all the iSENSE features choose the ZIP IP iSENSE cameras as you will only get the all the features when the ZipNVR is connected to other iSENSE devices. With a wide choice of ZIP IP cameras including a covert module there is a solution for everyone using the superb ZIP range, well recommended for professional CCTV installers.


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32ch NVR, £1 more than a 16ch!

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