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Tiny Pinhole Lens IP Camera Modules With AI

Tiny IP CCTV Module with Pinhole Lens

… even detects & alerts on people/vehicles !!

  • Tiny Size - 38x 38mm!
  • Dual-Power PoE & 12V
  • Hi-Res 2MP Image
  • Free App & Software
  • Good Colour Definition
  • Easy to Hide Design
  • Cone Style Pinhole Lens
  • Free Mounting Bracket
  • Wide Angle 3.7mm
  • ONVIF Protocol
  • Compatible Zip NVRs
  • Vehicle & Face Detection
  • Audio In & Out
  • Line Crossing
  • Smart VMD

Tiny IP CCTV module with face & vehicle detection! It can be mounted in your own enclosure or hidden in the fabric of a building. Housed in a compact 38x38mm metal case and supplied with a U shaped fixing bracket.

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Manufactured in a compact metal case of 38x38mm this superb little IP covert CCTV module can be mounted in your own enclosure. Fitted with a pinhole lens it can look through the smallest possible hole for surveillance. Producing quality images with great colour reproduction, it’s a long overdue addition to the IP CCTV market. With a low power consumption, the camera has been designed to run cooler than similar products to make it more versatile in wide range of applications.

Like all the Zip IP cameras it can be remotely monitored by a browser connection or for added functionality by using the free ZipVision PC client or the superb new phone app ZipPRO.

These great IP modules have the benefit of audio input and output leads so you can add a discreet microphone if required to pick up speech.

Using ONVIF protocol you can use this IP camera with NVRs that have compatible ONVIF standards but you will only get all the basic functions such as video from the camera. By using this camera with the new Zip iSENSE NVR you get a whole host of extra features. As the module doesn't have built in recording you will need a compatible NVR if you want to record the footage.

ZipNVR’s with the new iSENSE firmware and appropriate Zip IP camera (such as this model) can automatically detect people, recognise faces and even compare them in a built in database.

You can detect vehicles in video - even distinguish if a car is stationary (parked where it shouldn't be) or moving and trigger events, PLUS with iSENSE it’s all done automatically.

You can even upgrade your original Zip NVR with our latest iSENSE firmware and unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence in current Zip NVRs.

Please note that the lead to the camera itself carries the RJ45 socket so that it is easy to hide in a smaller enclosure but the lead will still need hiding or protecting.


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