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4Ch Gigabit PoE Switch & Extender

Handy PoE switch that's powered by PoE!

... no local PSU required!

  • PoE Powered
  • No Local PSU Needed
  • 4 Down Links
  • 1 Up Link
  • Gigabit Switch
  • 12V Input for Non PoE Uses
  • 100m Cable runs
  • Easy to Hide Compact Size

This handy PoE switch is actually powered by its incoming PoE connection, so you can install it anywhere along a PoE cable run as a 4 way switch without having to worry about how to power it. It also then re-distributes its PoE input to power 4 more PoE devices, how clever is that?!

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Smart installers have used this a solution to expanding a LAN in buildings without the headache of how to power the switch in lofts etc.

Cleverly designed you can also power the switch with 12V and use it as a traditional switch if you don't have PoE power. With full 1Gb ports on up and downlinks, this powerful 5 port unit is ideal for CCTV and normal network installations.

A popular buy with many profesional IT companies why not add it to your “go to” product list?


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