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Mini Solar Panel for Rapid Deploy Cameras

Compact Solar Panel with Micro USB

...for powering & charging ZIP Rapid Deploy cameras

  • Compact (18 x13cm)
  • 5M Micro USB
  • Monocrystalline
  • 2.5W (max)
  • 5.25V (approx.)
  • IP66 (panel)
  • Bracket Included
  • Easy to Adjust

Adding this to the Rapid Deploy cameras means they get automatically charged by the sun for a completely wireless solution. The solar panel can be mounted next to or near the Rapid Deploy camera with its 5m lead allowing a flexible location to maximise the exposure to sunshine.

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We have developed a solar panel option for the Rapid Deploy cameras that can be either directly attached or remotely mounted away from it to maximise sun light. A micro USB connector from the panel plugs into the camera to keep the batteries topped-up and charged, meaning no more battery swapping is needed provided it has enough exposure to sunlight.

The panel converts the power of the sun in to a 5.25V charging voltage that is used to keep the Rapid deploy battery's topped up. Under typical uses this is enough to keep the rapid deploy operational without ever having to manually charge the battery.

As the Rapid Deploy camera is activated by movement its power consumption is directly linked to activity and the solar panels output is governed by the strength and duration of sunlight, so please bear those two variables in mind with system design. In our own tests we have found it adequate to keep our Rapid Deploy cameras topped up and working in our own car park and entrance area.

The panel mounts to the supplied bracket using a standard 1/4" UNC thread so it is easy to mount to other equipment.

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