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HotHEAD Selfie Short Range Temperature Detection Camera

Low Cost Temperature Scanning of Visitors & Staff

... allows visitors to "self-check" at entrances

  • Built-in 7 Monitor Screen
  • Self Check Non-Contact Safe Solution
  • Automatic Mask Detection & Notification
  • Short Range up to 1m Reading Distance
  • Automatically Reads the Temperature of Visitors
  • Suits Appointment and Visitor Type Businesses
  • Built-in Facial Recognition
  • Stand Alone Unit or can be Networked
  • Low Cost & Portable

SEEK111, HotHEADTM Selfie Temperature Detection Camera

The HotHEADTM "Selfie" is a low cost standalone solution for short range (under 1m) temperature scanning of visitors and staff alike.

We now have available software to extend the capabilities of the cameras. To find out more visit our software store at softcctv.com where you can purchase the HotHead Informer Temperature Detection CCTV Software.

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The HotHEADTM "Selfie" is a low cost standalone solution for short range (under 1m) temperature scanning of visitors and staff alike.

The camera with built-in 7" monitor provides a "self check" solution for visitors to monitor their temperature on entry to your premises. Ideal for appointment type business such as hairdressers, dentists or surgeries, the "Selfie" provides a non-confrontational (and safe noncontact) way to monitor visitor temperatures.

Constant screening of staff and visitor temperatures helps to minimise the risk of your staff getting Covid-19 by constantly looking out for abnormally high temperatures of anyone entering your premises. If you detect a high temperature, immediate action can help save lives and keep your business operational.

With a mask detection feature, the camera can be used to check visitors and monitor whether they are wearing one or not. You can switch this feature on or off according to your organisation's policy or current (and future!) Government regulations.

To set up the HotHEADTM "Selfie" you mount it on a wall or tripod and plug in the power supply to a socket. Once powered up the HotHEADTM "Selfie" will automatically read the temperature of any person who stands directly in front of it. It can then give the temperature on screen and indicate if they have a high temperature or not. If the HotHEADTM "Selfie" detects a high temperature it will then give an audible message indicating that a "High temperature is detected" so the appropriate action can be taken.

Use the HotHEADTM "Selfie" "out of the box" or connect it to a network and unleash even more features. The HotHEADTM "Selfie" has even more features if you connect it to a local computer network or a laptop. You can alter the temperature threshold for alarming, alter the messages it gives, you can even set up face detection and recognition that can be used to integrate to other systems like access control. It could log your individual staff temperatures for example everyday so you can track changes.

Ideal for ...

  • Health Clubs
  • Surgeries
  • Professional Services
  • Salons

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