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HotHEAD Crowd Long Range Temperature Detection Camera

Automatic Warning of High Temperature

... with mask detection function

  • Automatic Mask Detection & Notification
  • Audible Warning - High Temperature Detected"
  • Email Notifier of High Temperatures with Image
  • Simultaneously Checks Multiple Faces
  • ONVIF Links in to Existing CCTV if Required
  • Pop Up Warnings on "High Temp" & "No Mask"
  • Automated Temperature Checking
  • FTP Function to Alert Off-Site Personnel

SEEK200, HotHEADTM Crowd Temperature Detection Camera

The HotHEADTM "Crowd" can read temperatures from people over a metre away and is therefore classed as a long range thermal camera.

We now have available software to extend the capabilities of the cameras. To find out more visit our software store at softcctv.com where you can purchase the HotHead Informer Temperature Detection CCTV Software.

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The HotHEADTM "Crowd" can read temperatures from people over a metre away and is therefore classed as a long range thermal camera.

These cameras can simultaneously read multiple people at a distance and therefore the subject's temperature can be read without any participation in the process. Great for busy environments where you can capture people's temperature by strategic placing of the camera(s).

This means it's a superb tool for early detection of Covid-19.

Whilst not foolproof, the early detection of people with a high temperature is one of the best ways to identify and limit the spread of Covid-19.

In the HotHEADTM "Crowd" software you can set your own thresholds for what will be classed as a "high temperature" so you can be as cautious or strict as your own internal policies dictate.

User friendly, the HotHEADTM "Crowd" can be used straight out of the box as an automated warning device that gives out an audible warning message when it detects people who have a temperature above 38°C (factory default).

If your business also requires people to wear a mask, you can use the HotHEADTM "Crowd" to "nudge" people with an audio message "Please wear a mask" when it detects someone without one.

Using the software supplied with the camera, it can log and notify you when anyone isn't wearing a mask, just like it can if they have a warning or high temperature.

Please note - the speaker built into the HotHEADTM "Crowd" camera is relatively small so it's a low-level, low-key audio warning. If you want a louder, more powerful & clearer audible message to be played you can link the camera's alarm output to a VoiceOFF® unit to play a pre-selected MP3 audio message.

Ideal for ...

  • Shops
  • Public Areas
  • Hospitality
  • Schools & Colleges

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