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VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer OEM

VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer OEM
VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer OEM
VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer OEM
VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer OEM

Software to schedule playing messages from the new VOX400

The VoxPlayer OEM enables you to tailor the Pro to your specific needs.

  • Windows Software
  • Schedule Messages
  • Up to 20 VOX400s
  • LAN or Internet
  • Serial or Network
  • Message Database
  • Automated Solution
  • Favourite Messages

The new VOX400 has a network interface which means that in addition to its hardwire inputs you can trigger it to play messages by remote control software over a LAN or the internet.

Each VOX400 is supplied with free software called VoxPlayer Lite which supports basic play functions but not scheduled playing of messages. However, this Pro version gives you far more flexability including up to 20 VOX400s and the scheduled playing of messages.

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More Details

As we write our own software if you require custom features and applications these can be added in to our software at a cost. So we also offer software in OEM releases with similar features to the Pro version but with specific tailored features. To do this we will need written details of your request and then would quote for the work and a deposit requested prior to proceeding.

The VoxPlayer Pro extends the functionality of the VoxPlayer Lite version by adding favourites and scheduling and sound file management.This too is a Windows application and again, is fully backwards compatible with the older VOX300 and earlier units.


The device list user interface has programmable 'Favourite' buttons. There are ten favourite buttons for each of the 20 devices, 200 in all. Each button can display a friendly name identifying the underlying sound file to be played by the corresponding device.

Access to any of the supported files, 1K in total per device, is possible via the device record.


A very powerful feature of the VoxPlayer Pro is its flexible scheduling ability.

A schedule entry defines an individual sound file to be played by a specified device at a given time of day on a particular day of the week, or, more usually, every day of the week. A built-in schedule editor is able to create repeating entries quickly between globally defined start & stop times, this makes creating multiple entries throughout the day extremely easy. Example: a individual file can be scheduled to play at 7:00am, repeating every 30 minutes until 10:00pm on a particular day, multiple days, or every day. The scheduler supports multiple entries, can be stopped and started under operator control, and can show events pending and optionally completed and/or missed events for any or every day of the week.

Sound File Management

For larger deployments this software supports the import and export of sound file information via .csv, this makes the replication of file information between multiple sites or instances of VoxPlayer Pro an easy task. It also facilitates management in an external source such as a spreadsheet should you wish to do so.

VoiceOFF Software Optiond Comparison

VoxPlayer Lite VoxPlayer Pro VoxPlayer OEM
Maximum Devices (VOX400) 2 20 TBA
Plays Messages
Volume Control
Built in Scheduler
Message Repeat Function
Configurable Commands
Bespoke Options
Custom Branding & Function
Order Code: SOFT1025 SOFT1026 SOFT1027
Description: VoxPlayer Lite VoxPlayer Pro VoxPlayer OEM

System Requirements

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VoiceOFF - VOXPlayer PRO

The VoxPlayer Pro extends the functionality of the VoxPlayer Lite version by adding favourites and scheduling and sound file management.

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