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RoboPlate ANPR Command Centre Software

RoboPlate ANPR Command Centre Software

Manage, control and organise your ANPR cameras & database with our powerful desktop software

  • Vehicle Database and Management
  • Add extra lists – VIP, Staff etc.
  • Vehicle Groups
  • Group Scheduling
  • Windows® Based
  • Open Barriers & Gates
  • Trigger Network Relays
  • Audio & Visual Notifications
  • Send Emails
  • Trigger VoiceOff Announcements

This comprehensive Windows® software expands the RoboPlate camera built-in functions by adding additional lists, actions, more detailed vehicle records, vehicle groups and more flexible scheduling. It makes administering and using the RoboPlate cameras easier and more friendly using software rather than the camera’s web browsers.

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How it Works

The software receives recognition results and full frame images from the ANPR cameras via the network and files these in a database for future retrieval.

It checks those results against its vehicle database and, subject to a successful match, can automatically generate network triggers, emails, audio and visual notifications.

Multiple Cameras

The Command Centre software can receive results from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. A live video feed is normally displayed for the operator but this can be switched off if not needed or when unattended.

Live video stream with list matches

Groups, Group Memberships and Scheduling

The software supports vehicle groups, named in a friendly manner these help categorise particular vehicles, you may for example have groups for normal staff, security staff, VIPs or contractors. For maximum flexibility, vehicles may be a member of multiple groups.

Advanced Group Membership table example

A schedule can be applied to each group specifying an active time period for specific days of the week. Subject to this schedule any of the defined actions may be triggered to happen.

Vehicle Records

Day to day admin of vehicle registrations is made into an easy task for operators by using a familiar Windows interface and additional information such as vehicle make, model, colour, owner can all be appended to the record. These details are displayed on-screen when a match is detected too. Lists can be maintained using a simple upload facility.

Stores Extra Data example

Database Search

The Command Centre software has extensive search facilities by date, owner or (partial) plate with a snapshot captured that can be saved for later use.

A barrier example

Subject to Detection Actions

A powerful aspect of this software is the ability to perform immediate, or delayed actions subject to detection of a particular registration plate including:

  • Audio & Visual notification via the PC
  • Audio announcement via a networked VoiceOFF
  • Email
  • Triggering of a network attached relay


A great solution for Enterprise users offering additional list membership, advanced scheduling, easy database searching, powerful relay triggering and comprehensive report outputs.

System Requirements

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