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RoboPlate RegWatch Widget

RoboPlate RegWatch Widget

Get Instant Pop Up Notifications of an ANPR List Match on your PC Screen

  • Great Add On
  • Instant Pop Up Notification
  • View Live Video
  • Audio Notification
  • Windows Toolbar Notification
  • PC Compatible
  • Works with RoboPlate ANPR Cameras

If you want the RoboPlate camera to send pop up messages over a network when it gets a match, we've also written a simple widget. You'll need to install it on a PC and when the camera detects a number plate the window will pop up on the screen showing the live video stream on your PC, an audio file can be played and a windows notification received with a simple text message too.

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More Details

Once the cameras capture the number plate, they compare the registrations to their built in lists and then carry out actions on a match or non match. For simple applications the 3 lists and functionality of the cameras are enough without any additional software, but for “Power Users” of ANPR cameras we have additional software called RoboPlate ANPR Command Centre.

System Requirements

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