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Zulug Connectors

Zulug Connectors
Zulug Connectors

No need to get your soldering out - easy to fit Zulug connectors save time when connecting up your CCTV.



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Zulug 2.1mm DC Plug To T-strip Adapters

The fastest way to make up a 2.1mm DC plug and lead. Simply wire 0 and 12V and it's done!

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Zulug 2.1mm DC Socket To T-strip Adapters

A fast way to make up a 2.1mm DC socket lead with multi-core cables such as CAT 5 or alarm cable.

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BNC Plug To Terminal Strip Adaptors

This easy to wire Zulug is a fast way to make a BNC plug on a multi-core cable such as CAT5 or alarm.

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Screw Teminal To RJ45 Plug Adapters

This Zulug adaptor has an 8 way terminal strip allowing quick conversion into an RJ45 plug.

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