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CAT5 Cable

CAT5 Cable
CAT5 Cable

Wide range of CAT5e cables perfect for use in networking and CCTV installations. Includes LSZH, external and twin style in black and white.

CAT5e Pro HD Cable

Developed by ourselves and a major cable manufacturer to provide superb results with HD video transmission. Featuring quality solid copper cores, it can outperform standard computer CAT5, producing a better quality picture with cable runs 1.4 times longer than CCA cable.

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CAT5e External Cable

Our External CAT5e for HD CCTV is waterproof and has a tougher outer sheath, which means it’s stabilised for outdoor use and is a good choice for ducts.

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CAT5e Twin Cable

Our twin pair CAT5e for HD CCTV offers 2 CAT5e in one easy to run out shotgun style cable, saving you valuable installation time. Simply put, the twin CAT5e is a more efficient and functional alternative to its predecessors. Run out one cable instead of two - it’s a no brainer!

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3-for-2 on RapidFit CAT6 UTP RJ45 Crimps Pk100

Fit RJ45 plugs in under 60 seconds? ...yes you can with our superb RapidFit® range ! Time saving CAT6 plugs with unique open ended design, easy to see wire order. (Requires a RapidFit® crimp tool)

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Spec Sheets

  • PTZ Combo Cable (RG59+4)
    - CAB060 - PDF
  • RG59 & Mini RG59 Co-ax Cable
    - CAB090 / CAB095 / CAB301 / CAB302 / CAB500 / CAB520 - PDF
  • Mini RG59 Composite Cable (Mini RG59+2)
    - CAB308 / CAB309 - PDF
  • Quick Connection Leads
    - CAB700 / CAB705 - PDF

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