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CAT5 & CAT6 Cable

CAT5 & CAT6 Cable
CAT5 & CAT6 Cable

Wide range of CAT5e and CAT6 cables perfect for use in networking and CCTV installations. Includes LSZH, external and twin style in black and white.

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CAT5e Twin Cable

Our twin pair CAT5e for HD CCTV offers 2 CAT5e in one easy to run out shotgun style cable, saving you valuable installation time. Simply put, the twin CAT5e is a more efficient and functional alternative to its predecessors. Run out one cable instead of two - it’s a no brainer!

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CAT5e Pro HD Cable

Developed by ourselves and a major cable manufacturer to provide superb results with HD video transmission. Featuring quality solid copper cores, it can outperform standard computer CAT5, producing a better quality picture with 1.4 times longer cable runs!

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CAT5e External Cable

Our External CAT5e for HD CCTV is waterproof and has a tougher outer sheath, which means it’s stabilised for outdoor use and is a good choice for ducts.

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Spec Sheets

  • PTZ Combo Cable (RG59+4)
    - CAB060 - PDF
  • RG59 & Mini RG59 Co-ax Cable
    - CAB090 / CAB095 / CAB301 / CAB302 / CAB500 / CAB520 - PDF
  • Mini RG59 Composite Cable (Mini RG59+2)
    - CAB308 / CAB309 - PDF
  • Quick Connection Leads
    - CAB700 / CAB705 - PDF

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