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Server Room Kit

Server Room Kit

Everything you need for housing your NVR and routing your IP CCTV system to a secure central point. Rack-mount cabinets and rack-mount accessories, PoE switches, patch leads and connectors. All the essentials for network and server rooms.

Rack-Mount Cabinets

A range of 19 inch rack mount cabinets, shelving options plus power and CAT5 distribution panels.

KitVault DVR/NVR Enclosures

KitVault® is the "go to" brand for heavy duty equipment enclosures ideal for CCTV recorders, distributor & general IT equipment.

PoE Switches

PoE switches allow data to flow seamlessly from one device to another allowing an easy way to connect everything together.

Network Leads

Pre-made patch leads with extra long lengths up to 100m, perfect for networking & CCTV jobs! Great value in choice of colours and lengths.

RapidFit RJ45 Plugs & Tools

A range of products from the best-selling RapidFit brand including connectors and tools. It's the way to fit an RJ45 in less than minute!

RJ45 Plugs & Adaptors

Full range of RJ45 plugs and adaptors for terminating or connecting CAT5 and CAT6 cables. Handy for IP CCTV usage.

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19 Inch Rack-Mount 1U Sliding Shelf (14 Inch Deep)

This 19” 1U adjustable sliding shelf lets you add additional shelving capacity to virtually any standard 19” server rack or cabinet.

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12V DC Fan Kit

These 12V DC fan kits allow cool air to be circulated around the electronic equipment stored inside a KitVault DVR/NVR enclosure or rack-mount cabinet.

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What are the exact dimensions of the KitVault DVR and NVR enclosures?

KitVault secure lockboxes for CCTV equipment come in a range of sizes from extra small to large.


Please Note - the "Internal Dimensions" shows the maximum size of DVR or NVR the KitVault could take with enough room left at the rear for making your connections.

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