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RoboPlate ANPR Software

RoboPlate ANPR Software
RoboPlate ANPR Software

RoboPlate is a series of ANPR software allowing you to start with a basic system and bolt-on or upgrade as and when required.

It makes a standard ANPR system affordable to the mass market allowing you to buy the 'bells & whistles' as and when or if you need to.

The various software modules work in tandem with at least one CCTV camera to capture and store snapshot images of vehicle number plates that can then be analysed and stored to a database for later interrogation.

RoboPlate - ANPR Command Centre

This comprehensive Windows software expands the RoboPlate camera built-in functions by adding additional lists, actions, more detailed vehicle records, vehicle groups and more flexible scheduling. It makes administering and using the RoboPlate cameras easier and more friendly using software rather than the camera’s web browsers.

Roboplate - FTP Server

RoboPlate cameras have file transfer capability built in, they are able to send ANPR results in the form of a .jpg image to an FTP server. We have written an easy-to-use RoboPlate specific FTP server capable of receiving those images and filing them on a per-camera basis.

RoboPlate - Widget

If you want the RoboPlate camera to send pop up messages over a network when it gets a match, we've also written a simple widget. You'll need to install it on a PC and when the camera detects a number plate the window will pop up on the screen showing the live video stream on your PC, an audio file can be played and a windows notification received with a simple text message too.

Watch the full video on this superb product line...

Read more in our FAQs.

# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - RoboPLATE ANPR Cameras

ANPR Compact Eyeball Camera 6-22mm Lens & All-In-One Camera 5-50mm Lens

Full Manual (PDF) - Full Manual (HTML) - Quick Start Guide (HTML)

ROBOPCZ22 - Quick Start Guide (PDF) 

ROBOPMZ50Quick Start Guide (PDF)

The above manuals covers the model:

RoboPlate FTP Server - Software - Full Manual (PDF) - Full Manual (HTML)

The above manual covers the model:

ANPR Command Centre - Manager Software - Full Manual (PDF) - Full Manual (HTML)

The above manual covers the model:

RoboPlate RegWatch Widget - Software - Full Manual (PDF) - Full Manual (HTML)

The above manual covers the model:

Ethernet Relay - Two Channel
Full Manual (PDF)

The above manual covers the model:

The RoboPlate information pack- View Here

An Online booklet packed with information about the roboplate cameras and software.

Do I need a special camera to capture a number plate?

If all you want to do is 'capture a picture' of a number plate, then 'no' you do not need a special camera, you just need a camera with sufficient resolution to be able to see the plate. If, however, you want to process an image and extract the actual plate as text, then you either need standalone software to perform that task, or, a camera with that functionality built in, like a RoboPlate ANPR Camera.

How do I add a RoboPLATE camera to a ZIP NVR / DVR?

After configuring the network settings in the RoboPLATE Camera (ROBOPCZ22 or ROBOPMZ50) then the camera can be added for recording purposes like a normal CCTV camera.

Here's a TIP on how to add one to a ZIP NVR or DVR.

1. In the menu of the Recorder, go to Video > Video > IP Channels.

2. Set Switch Mode to Manual. (Ignore this step if using a non-PoE NVR or DVR).

3. Then click Search.

4. Tick the camera in the search, then select Add.

5. Enter the port as 80.
Select the Protocol as Onvif_standard.
Enter the username and password of the camera.

Select OK.

6. The camera should appear with the IP Address in the bottom table with a green Camera symbol after a few seconds.

Is there any other equipment I will need with my ANPR cameras?

As the RoboPlate ANPR Cameras are self-contained, no other CCTV equipment is needed, but we offer additional widget, software and products to enhance your ANPR system.

What cable should I run out for RoboPlate ANPR cameras

The RoboPlate ANPR cameras are IP so should be wired using CAT5 or better. Outdoor cable should be trunked appropriately and/or be of suitable external grade. They may be powered via PoE or a separate 12v supply

What is ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, also known as ANPR is often thought of as technology commonly used by traffic police or parking management companies but the new RoboPlate line of ANPR cameras and additional software is affordable and (now) available to business, property and home owners.

You probably know it as the technology that traffic police use to alert them to a suspect vehicle or to capture a speeding driver for example. You might be aware that it is used in most modern car parks to clock the time spent on site, triggering an automatic barrier to lift or a gate to open when a vehicle leaves. But with the right set-up, ANPR can do so much more, for so many more!

Where are the images of number plates saved?

A RoboPlate camera can store a small quantity of images onto its internal SD card. PC software may be used to store plate data and full frame images indefinitely. An NVR (or DVR with IP capability) may be used to record the video in a conventional manner but won't have the ability to search or recall plate data.

We have also created an FTP Server for easy management of your plate data.

Where should I fit the camera for best results?

Our RoboPlate ANPR eyeball camera has a 6-22mm lens so is suitable for close range installations, our bullet camera has a 5-50mm lens so can be used for both close and longer range. Acceptable results have been achieved at a range of 36m

More information for the general public at our website: robohothead.com

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