IPMitter Four Ways

The IpMitter range

4 Ways to transmit your IP CCTV wirelessly

Method 1

Standard Outdoor WiFi Bridge or link

In this mode the IPmitters are used to connect two separate IP devices or networks together for example linking one main building to another. The IPmitters would be installed outside the buildings and need to be visible to each other, this is called “direct line of sight”. Any obstacles that block the visible line of sight would attenuate and reduce the transmission range. It is possible to get around buildings that block the signal by using multiple IPmitters to relay the signal and transit around the obstacles.

Standard Outdoor WiFi Bridge or link

Method 2

“One to Many” Wi-Fi Link

In this scenario one IPmitter is linking to three other IPmitters. The IPmitters have an internal antenna that transmits around a 50-60 degree spread so that is the maximum angle it would work at as in the diagram. If you need more fexibility than this you simply need to install multiple pairs of IPmitters that are all individually paired with each other.

One to Many Wi-Fi Link

Method 3

Multiple Pairs

Although for the sake of simplicity the IPmitters in this diagram are shown together they would usually be in different locations around a building linking other buildings together for one local area network, LAN. As with all radio equipment you need to keep WiFi devices a sensible distance from each other and we would always recommend at least 1-2m apart from each other.

Multiple Pairs

Method 4

Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point

In this application the indoor ceiling/wall access point IPMIT100 is used at a central point to communicate with multiple Wi-Fi devices in a building. This could be the Wi-Fi on a mobile phone, laptop or other IPmitters located in the building. It is possible to use more than one ceiling access point so that large buildings have coverage of Wi-Fi in all areas. Each ceiling/wall point can have up to 50 clients.

Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point
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