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4Ch PoE Extender

100Mbs PoE Extender & 4 Way Switch

  • 100m Extender
  • Wall Mount
  • PoE Powered
  • PoE In & Out

Very useful PoE extender and 4 way splitter. Add on to the end of a 100M run to extend into 4 more 100m runs. Note the output has a max power of 22W shared over the 4 outputs. If you need more power and a full 1 Gig solution have a look at our POE154 rated at 60W output.

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An effective little device that splits and extends network cable runs up to 100M futher across 4 separate spurs.

Fitted at the end of a 100m cable run the POE104 can then split into 4 separate runs for another 100M run each. Typically used on large networks, this is ideal for splitting into 4 individual runs for IP cameras.

Designed in a compact wall mount case with fixing lugs for easy installation, the POE104 has 1 input socket (RJ45) and 4 output sockets (RJ45). The input socket has a maximum rating of 25W whilst up to 15W can be outputted on any of the 4 output sockets though this is limited to an output of 20W overall.

The unit is compatible on 10 and 100Mbps networks.


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