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Automatic Number Plate Recognition, also known as ANPR is often thought of as technology commonly used by traffic police or parking management companies but the new RoboPlate line of ANPR cameras and additional software is affordable and (now) available to business, property and home owners.

You probably know it as the technology that traffic police use to alert them to a suspect vehicle or to capture a speeding driver for example. You might be aware that it is used in most modern car parks to clock the time spent on site, triggering an automatic barrier to lift or a gate to open when a vehicle leaves. But with the right set-up, ANPR can do so much more, for so many more!

3 Years in the Making!

Camera Features

Responding to customer requests for more affordable ANPR products, System Q have answered the call with 2 very competitive CCTV cameras that capture number plates as a self contained solution with no NVR needed. We’ve even developed an advanced software for enterprise users of ANPR.

Our compact Eyeball ANPR camera being the first in the world in a popular eyeball case is perfect for low level mounting on gateposts or similar.

Our PowerZoom Bullet ANPR Camera in traditional housing is a wider and longer range camera ideal for further distances.

Together with a low-cost widget and a dynamic add-on software written especially for RoboPlate by System Q, ANPR is now both affordable and attainable.

What is the RoboPlate NetSEND feature?

The RoboPlate ANPR cameras can capture and save number plate data in real time, they can do this without needing any additional software or NVR. You can view and configure these cameras via a built-in web interface using a Windows PC and a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

diagram of trigger on-screen notifications

You can maintain black and white lists with known registration plates and configure what action(s) should be performed subject to a result being obtained. Different actions can result from a plate matched against the black, white, or 'grey' list. All unknown vehicles (ie: not specified in the black or white list) are considered to be in a 'grey' list and are handled in a similar manner.

diagram of Voltage Controlled Barrier Release

For example, on matching a number plate to a white list the camera could trigger a relay using its 3v output, this in turn could be used to open your gate or a barrier, a black list match might be used to turn on a warning light or sounder, an unknown vehicle might result in an email notification.

diagram of Network Controlled Barrier Release

The RoboPlate camera's built in NetSEND function allows you to specify an ASCII command that it can deliver to a network attached device. Typically this would be an Ethernet relay or access control product but could be any device listening on the IP address and port number that you specify. Up to three devices may be defined, one for each list: black/white/grey.

Choice of ANPR CCTV Camera Styles

roboplate Camera Styles
Captures Number Plates Extracts Number Plate Data Stores Plate Data No NVR Needed No Software Needed IP CCTV Cameras Superb Image Quality Black - White - Grey List Self Contained Solution Sends Emails Triggers Relays Sends Emails NetSend LAN Triggers
Lan Relay
Smart FTP
Alarm Output
Audio Output
RS485 Output
Software Add-ons

The new RoboPlate ANPR cameras can be used as part of a CCTV System or as a complete self contained stand-alone solution to capture and record vehicle registrations and trigger events such as opening gates based on number plate matches.

Two models of ANPR cameras are available, a compact Eyeball design for mounting lower down on gate posts or entrance walls or a traditional bullet design with an industry leading 5-50mm power zoom lens.

Completely self contained the RoboPlate ANPR cameras don't need an NVR or any additional software to capture number plate data, add it to its built in black/white/grey list and then use it to open gates and trigger alarms etc.

The cameras can be set up by using a computer or tablet to connect to their built in browser interface where you can set up how it functions and add data to its built in black, white and grey list of number plates.

Compact Eyeball Design with 6-22mm lens!!


Order Code: ROBOPCZ22

IP Technology Compact Design Popular Eyeball Case 6-22mm Lens IP66 In or Outdoor Use ONVIF Protocol IR Illumination RS485 Output Self Contained Solution + Built in (Audio In/Out)

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Traditional Bullet with 5-50mm lens!!


Order Code: ROBOPMZ50

IP Technology 5-50mm Lens Bullet Style Case Cable Managed Bracket IP66 In or Outdoor Use ONVIF Protocol IR Illumination RS485 Output Self Contained Solution

Code: ROBOPMZ50 - More info here...

Technical Specification

  • Resolution 2MP (1920 x 1080)
  • Built-in White/Grey/Black lists
  • Compression H.264 \ H.264
  • Day/Night Function Mechanical
  • (True Day/Night)
  • IR Illuminator Built-in
  • RJ45/Ethernet Socket
  • 3.3V TTL Built-in Alarm Outputs 1 (Screw Terminal)
  • 1 Audio Input (Screw Terminal)
  • 1 Audio Output (3.5mm Audio Socket)
  • Network Connection NetSend LAN Triggers
  • ONVIF Compatible
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS
  • User Logins 5 Max (Simultaneous)
  • RS485 Output Screw Terminals
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Dual Voltage 12V DC / PoE (48V)
  • Consumption 500mA
  • IP66 for External Use

Ideal Camera Positioning (Vertical)

Best results are achieved when camera viewing angles are as small as possible (under 30°) horizontally or vertically. Beyond this other factors quickly come into play such as poor light, dirty number plates etc.

Diagram of vertical camera angle for the RoboPlate ANPR cameras

Ideal Camera Positioning (Horizontal)

Ideally for best results you will want to capture the vehicle head on. You'll need to bear this in mind if the approach to site is usually by a hard right or left turn. If this is the case ask the client to consider creating a funnel or speed inhibitor to create a more effective scenario.

Diagram of horizontal camera angle for the RoboPlate ANPR cameras

Bolt-On RoboPlate ANPR Software Options

For power users of ANPR equipment we have written our own software program called ANPR COMMAND CENTRE. This software makes it easy for the user to have more than the 3 black, white and grey lists and create as many as they want to trigger various actions. You could for example have a VIP list, Customer list, Staff list, Courier list etc.

The software allows additional flexibility to trigger alarm actions based on if X & Y happens then a certain event is triggered. The additional software also makes handling large volumes of registrations easier. The software is an add on and the cameras themselves can do the basic ANPR functions as a stand alone item.

In addition to the ANPR COMMAND CENTRE software a lightweight pop-up widget is available for PCs called RegWATCH that will display the live image and a pop up message from the camera when a registration match is made to its built in white or black list.

RoboPlate ANPR Command Centre Software

RoboPlate Command Centre
  • Vehicle Database and Management
  • Add extra lists - VIP, Staff etc.
  • Vehicle Groups
  • Group Scheduling
  • Windows® Based
  • Open Barriers & Gates
  • Trigger Network Relays
  • Audio & Visual Notifications
  • Send Emails
  • Trigger VoiceOff Announcements

How it Works

The software receives recognition results and full frame images from the ANPR cameras via the network and files these in a database for future retrieval.

It checks those results against its vehicle database and, subject to a successful match, can automatically generate network triggers, emails, audio and visual notifications.

Multiple Cameras

The Command Centre software can receive results from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. A live video feed is normally displayed for the operator but this can be switched off if not needed or when unattended.

Live video stream with list matches

Groups, Group Memberships and Scheduling

The software supports vehicle groups, named in a friendly manner these help categorise particular vehicles, you may for example have groups for normal staff, security staff, VIPs or contractors. For maximum flexibility, vehicles may be a member of multiple groups.

Advanced Group Membership table example

A schedule can be applied to each group specifying an active time period for specific days of the week. Subject to this schedule any of the defined actions may be triggered to happen.

Vehicle Records

Day to day admin of vehicle registrations is made into an easy task for operators by using a familiar Windows interface and additional information such as vehicle make, model, colour, owner can all be appended to the record. These details are displayed on-screen when a match is detected too. Lists can be maintained using a simple upload facility.

Stores Extra Data example

Database Search

The Command Centre software has extensive search facilities by date, owner or (partial) plate with a snapshot captured that can be saved for later use.

A barrier example

Subject to Detection Actions

A powerful aspect of this software is the ability to perform immediate, or delayed actions subject to detection of a particular registration plate including:

  • Audio & Visual notification via the PC
  • Audio announcement via a networked VoiceOFF
  • Email
  • Triggering of a network attached relay


A great solution for Enterprise users offering additional list membership, advanced scheduling, easy database searching, powerful relay triggering and comprehensive report outputs.

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RoboPlate Widget

RoboPlate RegWatch Widget

(Code:SOFT1046) Buy here...

If you want the RoboPlate camera to send pop up messages over a network when it gets a match, we've also written a simple widget. You'll need to install it on a PC and when the camera detects a number plate the window will pop up on the screen showing the live video stream on your PC, an audio file can be played and a windows notification received with a simple text message too.

RoboPlate FTP Server

RoboPlate RegWatch Widget

(Code: SOFT1044) Coming Soon

RoboPlate cameras have file transfer capability built in, they are able to send ANPR results in the form of a .jpg image to an FTP server.

We have written an easy-to-use RoboPlate specific FTP server capable of receiving those images and filing them on a per-camera basis. A Windows®-embedded file browser allows the operator to navigate the received files, viewing them in various ways: large or small icons/thumbnails, details or list view.

The files are intuitively named by list type (B/W/G) and dated for easy sorting and location. They are stored in dated folders making file maintenance very easy.

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