antiHum cable

Solid Copper Cores - for long distance cable runs !

Copper is a better conductor than gold so it's the top choice. Aluminium is only 61% as good as copper so buying CCA (Copper coated Aluminium) is a real false economy.
Shotgun CCTV cable

RG59+2 Composite (aka Shotgun)

A 2-in-1 design with RG59 for video and 2 power cores in an easy to separate sheath. Solid copper cores in the RG59 give longer cable runs (unlike inferior CCS or CCA).

100M Black 100M White 250M White
  • RG59 CO-AX Cable


    With a solid copper core and double shielding for maximum performance and longer cable runs (unlike inferior CCS or CCA), this RG59 has added protection against interference.

  • Shotgun CCTV cable

    PTZ Combo

    A 3-in-1 design of cable with RG59 for video, 2 power cores and 2 extra cores for data making it ideal for PTZ installations. Supplied with an extra tough sheath so it can used in industrial locations.

    150M Black
  • Shotgun CCTV cable

    Mini RG59 & Mini Shotgun

    Similar to its big brother versions, these mini RG and RG59+2 cables are perfect for covert cameras as they are a thinner diameter and easier to disguise.

    RG59 Mini 200M Black RG59 Mini 200M White RG59+2 Mini 100M Black RG59+2 Mini 100M White


  • PoE Switches

    LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen

    Not just LOW SMOKE but ZERO HALOGEN means only traces of hydrogen chloride, the toxic chemical that burns black smoke and causes throat ulcers.

    LSZH helps comply with the latest building regs too.

Video Leads

RJ45 Leads

BNC Connectors

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