Snap Together Balun Design

  • HD Video Baluns

    This superb range of pigtail baluns is not just HD compatible, it's actually 4K compatible too.
    View spec - Model:BAL4KP

  • Pigtail CCTV Baluns

    The innovative 'Slot' together design allows multiple baluns to be connected to one another forming 1 block for a neat installation.
    View spec - Model:BAL4KP

Wall or Rack Mount Balun Designs

What is a balun?

What is a Balun?

A balun can send HD video up to 200M down CAT5!

Great for existing CAT5 runs Easily achieve 100-200m cables runs Work with HD TVI, CVI, AHD cameras
New 4K Model here

Baluns contain small signal transformers that are specially tuned to match the cables impedance and convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced one. PASSIVE baluns just have the transformers and very little else in them.

On some PASSIVE baluns that carry video and data signals, the data terminals do not go through a transformer or any other electronics and are a direct electrical connection to the CAT5 cable. These terminals can be useful for lots of purposes including sending low voltage (5 or 12V) from one balun to another.

  • 5MP FishEye IP Camera

    Working with CAT5 Cable

    Baluns are a popular solution as they allow the engineer to use existing spare CAT5 cable runs within a building for the CCTV installation. They are a great way of adding extra HD TVI, CVI or AHD cameras to a remote part of the site.

  • No Power Required

    No Power Required

    Easy to fit, passive baluns require no power so they can be fitted close to the CCTV camera and behind the DVR too without any extra power cables.

  • 4 in 1 compatible

    HD TVI, CVI, AHD & Analogue Compatible

    Easy to fit, passive baluns require no power so they can be fitted close to the CCTV camera and behind the DVR too without any extra power cables.

  • Now 4K (8MP) compatible

    NEW 4K (8MP) Models

    With slightly different electronics to standard HD the new 4K baluns are designed as a TX/RX pair and colour coded for ease of use. Red for camera, blue for DVR/Monitor.

    New 4K Model here (BAL4KP)

Now in 4K

PoE Switches

NEW 4K Compatible HD Balun Range

Works with 4K (up to 130M) HD TVI, CVI, AHD (up to 250M) Pigtail design for easy cabling Works on CAT5 UTP Passive - No power required BNC & Push Down Connections
  • 4ch PoE Switch

    4K HD Balun with Pigtail (BAL4KP)

    These superb pigtail baluns are not just HD compatible, they are actually 4K compatible too.

    Designed for the latest 4K (or 8MP) cameras on the markets they work perfectly with the new ZIP range of 5MP and 4K cameras HERE.

  • !

    Did you know?

    Handy Fact

    With slightly different electronics to standard baluns, the 4K models are supplied as a TX / RX pair but are handily colour coded with the red TX balun going at the camera end of your CAT5 cable.

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