Co-ax Transmission

CCTV Distributors

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    HDMI Distributors - great way to distribute the HDMI output of a recorder to multiple screens.

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    TVI, AHD & CVI CCTV Distributors - easily distribute a camera signal to multiple recorders, controllers or screens.

CCTV Signal Convertors

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    CCTV Signal Convertors - HDMI, Analogue, TVI, AHD, VGA and more!

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    Quadsplitters & switchers - low cost units for easy split or switch screen CCTV viewing.

CCTV Mules

PoE Switches

Send multiple CCTV signals down just 1 cable! ...with CCTV Mules

Choice of models: HDMI, TVI, CVI, AHD, IP and Analogue.

These CCTV Mules are a great invention for sending more than 1 CCTV signal (from multiple cameras say) down just 1 cable such as a CO-AX.

Available in a range of models for HDMI, HD, IP signals they're a really great problem solver if you only have 1 cable to work with.

The Mule range covers most bases transmitting HDMI, TVI, CVI, AHD, analogue and IP video signals over cables such as CO-AX, CAT5 or 6, alarm or telephone cable and for some models even a LAN.

  • 4ch PoE Switch

    HDMI over Co-AX, CAT5 or CAT6

    There's an HDMI Mule to suit your cable.

    Need to get a DVR output on a monitor screen at the other end of a building? No problem the HDMI Mule can do that over CAT5, CAT6 or CO-AX.

  • 4ch PoE Switch

    KVM Mule - for Keyboard, Video and Mouse Control.

    With reverse mouse & keyboard control too !!

    Working over a LAN, the KVM Mule lets you watch the HDMI output of a PC (or DVR) on a monitor in another part of the building and even gives you reverse USB mouse and keyboard control.

  • HD CCTV Mule

    HD Over CO-AX

    Available in 2ch (MULE102) or 4ch (MULE104) models.

    Really useful method of getting multiple video signals from one building to another even if you only have 1 co-ax run out. HD mules can even send back data signals in reverse so 1 camera could be a PTZ.

  • IP Mule

    IP Over CO-AX

    Works on CO-AX, CAT5 or 6, alarm or telephone cable.

    Most DVRs such as the Zip range have extra inputs for IP cameras so an IPmule can make it easy to add them to an existing system even if there is only a CO-AX cable run froo for use.

HDMI Distributors

HDMI Distribution Boxes

Send High Quality HDMI Signals to Multiple CCTV Monitors

The Scatterbox HDMI Splitter range is the professional (no signal loss) way to run out HDMI feeds from DVrs and NVRs to a number of LCD screens in different locations.

  • 8ch HDMI Splitter

    1-in-8 Out HDMI Splitter

    Order code: HDM308

    Distributes an HDMI signal such as the output from a DVR/NVR to 8 other devices with HDMI inputs without signal loss.

Video Amplifiers


Boost HD Video up to 1200M !!

Works with TVI, CVI, AHD 1080P Combats Video Loss Low Voltage 12V DC BNC In & Out

Designed to boost the video signal on longer cable runs (usually over 500M) right up to


1-CH HD Video Amplifier

Compact wall mount design allowing you to boost an HD camera signal back to a CCTV recorder or monitor. Installing at the camera end ensures you are amplifying a clear video signal and not a signal that may have picked up intereference along the cable route.

HD Video Distributors


Split single BNC signals to multiple monitors.

Working with HD TVI, CVI, AHD and analogue these video distributors are a great way of managing multiple video signals around a building. Ideal for camera feeds or DVR outputs.

HDMI Quad & Switcher

Split single BNC signals to multiple monitors.

  • HDMI Switcher

    HDMI 3CH Switcher

    3 HDMI inputs and 1 output, this great little device lets you switch between a DVR, DVD player even a laptop by pressing the front panel buttons or using the mini remote supplied.

  • HDMI Quad Screen

    HDMI Quad & Switcher

    This HDMI Quad & Switcher has 4 HDMI inputs and offers 6 different display modes including full screen, quad, switching, vertical split, main monitor split and a collage format.

CCTV Signal Convertors

LCD Screens

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