Under 1M (Short Range)

  • Temperature Detection

    The HotHEAD™ Selfie is a semi-automated solution with built in monitor for "self checking" of your temperature reading once you've entered a building.

  • Temperature Detection CCTV

    Built in Face Recognition - the HotHEAD™ Selfie is ideal for access control of staff and visitors to site as it can automatically cross check against a database of approved faces.

Over 1M (Long Range)

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    Long Range Multi-Face Detection - ideal for sites with heavier footfall, the HotHEAD™ CROWD offers simultaneous temperature readings of up to 8 faces.

  • Face mask detection

    Face Mask Detection - both Selfie & Crowd models offer this ideal tool for sites where face mask become mandatory such as retail, banks, surgeries, etc...

...the HotHEAD™ camera range is a great tool for businesses...

the HotHEAD™ Selfie - Short Range Temperature Detection CCTV Camera.

Get a CCTV Selfie

...the HotHEAD™ Selfie cameras are ideal for walk in & wait or appointment type businesses.

...the HotHEAD™ Selfie includes a built in 7” screen for visitors to self check themselves at entrances & receptions.

  • Built-in 7" Monitor Screen
  • Self Check Non-contact Safe Solution
  • Short Range up to 1m Reading Distance
  • Automatically Reads the Temperature of Visitors
  • Low Cost & Portable
  • Built In Facial Recognition
  • Stand Alone Unit or can be Networked
  • Good Return on Investment
  • Suits Appointment & Visitor Type Businesses
  • Helps Detect High Temperatures (An Early Sign Of Covid-19)

Because the Infrared detection module can’t read at a long distance, cameras such as the HotHEAD™ Selfie tend to be much lower in cost than the long distance readers and require the subject to be closer and pretty much standing in front of the camera.

The short range readers often are manufactured with a small attached CCTV monitor so that the subject can stand in front of the camera and see what their own reading is. Is it high or low and do they have a temperature or not? This instant feedback to customers and staff is great for non-confrontational management after detection of a high temperature.

  • 5 ways the HotHEAD™ Selfie can help your business ... allowing visitors to “self check” themselves in front of its camera with built in screen, it can ...

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    1) Face Mask Detection (On or Off)

    Depending on your organisation’s policy or current government legislation you can set the HotHEAD™ Selfie to detect whether a visitor is wearing a mask. A self playing message will alert your visitor if a mask is required but isn’t being worn.

  • Temperature Detection CCTV

    2) Detects Abnormally High Temperatures in Visitors

    On presenting themselves in front of the screen, the "Selfie" will measure the human body temperature and alert them if it over the threshold you have set (usually around 38°C).

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    3) Face Recognition checks your local "face" database

    The "Selfie" can store hundreds of faces in its database (these might be staff, customers or both) then compare a visitor against this to allow them access into a building using an industry standard access control signal.

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    4) Portable & easily moved from branch to branch

    Thanks to a tripod mount option, the "Selfie" is easy to move around your premises as the needs of your business change or new regulation dictates.

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    5) High Temperature or No Mask Alert to Managers

    Using the HotHEAD™ software (available in both Basic & Standard Stay Safe kits) a manager or receptionist can be alerted that a visitor with no mask or an abnormally high temperature has been detected.

    Our Stay Safe kits inc HotHEAD™ software (worth £490) & extras for just £85 more!

Long Range Temperature Detection CCTV with the HotHEAD™ Crowd

Hothead Crowd Camera

the HotHEAD™ Crowd cameras are a perfect solution for busy shops or public buildings with heavier footfall.

  • Automated temperature checking of Staff, Customers & Visitors
  • Software available for Windows PCs
  • Pop up Warnings on High Temperature Detection
  • Email Notifier of High Temperatures Including Snapshots
  • Automatic Mask Detection & Notification
  • Audible Warning Message - “High Temperature Detected”
  • Simultaneously checks Multiple Faces
  • FTP Function to alert Head Office or Off-site Personnel
  • Quality CCTV images for Easy ID & Locating of Visitor
  • OnVif stream Links into Existing CCTV if required

The HotHEAD™ "Crowd" can read temperatures of people over a metre away and is therefore classed as a long range thermal camera.

These cameras can simultaneously read multiple people at a distance and therefore the subject’s temperature can be read without any participation in the process. Great for capturing people in a busy environment where you can position cameras to capture people’s temperature by strategic placing of the camera(s).

This means it's a superb tool for early detection of Covid19.

Whilst not foolproof, the early detection of people with a high temperature is one of the best tools in helping to identify and limit the spread of Covid19.

In the HotHEAD™ "Crowd" software you can set your own thresholds for what will be classed as a "high temperature" so you can be as cautious or strict as your own internal policies dictate.

HotHEAD™ Selfie or Crowd - which do I need?


Short or Long Range - Which is right for your business?

HotHEAD™ Short Range Selfie VS Long Range HotHEAD™ Crowd - Compare their features here.

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