Wireless IP Transmission


Wireless Transmission of IP CCTV with IPMitter between buildings

The IpMitter range

On many installations you will often find that the CCTV has to cover areas that are hard to cable, typically where the main CCTV system is in one building but other satellite buildings also need to be covered by CCTV.

So how do you connect IP CCTV systems in a separate building together?

One option is simply to cable them, but this could involve digging trenches or running overhead catenary wires. This can be both costly and disruptive which is where a wireless IP link is by far the most attractive solution.

The IPmitter wireless links are far more cost effective than running cables and much faster to deploy so they are more often than not the preferred choice for most installers where cabling is just too difficult.

Clearly a proper “cabled” IP connection will always be faster in data transfer and also more reliable than a wireless one but where this is not practical or the cost is too high, a wireless "bridge" is a great solution.

As most fellow CCTV professionals want a simple and reliable solution to transmitting IP signals from building to building we have designed and launched the IPmitter.

The IPmitter range currently has 3 models for linking one building/location to another.

All 3 IPmitter models boast a superb easy pairing method which means you can set up the IPmitter without needing a laptop or PC to set up its IP address, perfect for getting the job done more efficiently and without needing a dedicated IP technician to do the install.

IPMitter Brigdes Link
4 way to transmit
IPmitter Access Point
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