POE and Networking

PoE Switches

PoE Switches

Popular Gigabit Switches - New High Speed Range

These Scatterbox PoE switches are designed for both powering and connecting IP CCTV cameras to a network. They have been specifically tailored for CCTV use but they will work with standard network equipment and power other suitable PoE devices.

PoE Extender

Run PoE on network cables an extra 100M!

Running Power over Ethernet does have some limits in terms of cabling distances so these handy "extender" units can be added to a network cable run of 100M to add another 100 metres!

PoE Injector

Easily add non-PoE IP cameras to a network.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a great method of supplying power to network video equipment such as IP cameras as it does away with the need for a power source local to the camera, or installing extra power cable runs to the device.

PoE Splitters


PoE Splitters

PoE splitters are perfect for connecting and powering non-PoE IP cameras on a PoE network. They work by simply splitting the combined power and data connection of the network into independent 2.1mm DC power and Ethernet data connections.

  • POE200

    PoE Splitter with Adjustable Output

    This compact wall-mount PoE splitter is ideal for use with IP CCTV cameras but also a wide range of IP equipment thanks to its adjustable output voltage of 5 to 12V DC. A substantial output current of 2 Amps make it functional for powering multiple devices too.

  • POE003

    Wall Mount PoE Splitter

    Rated 12V DC 1A, the POE003 works by taking the network cable and separating the power from the "data" elements of the signal to work with a non-PoE IP CCTV camera. It completely eliminates the need to run an additional power cable to a non-PoE camera and saves you time and money whilst a built-in isolator also provides overload protection. This unit is suitable for use on networks with speeds of 10 or 100 Megabits per second (Mbps).

RapidFit RJ45 Range

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