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Wireless CCTV Transmission

  • NEW MiniMits

    Easily transmit video from one location to another - up to 1KM !! Ideal for remote locations or where running a video cable back is impossible.

    Find out more here.
  • New IPmitter Range

    IP Bridges for Wireless CCTV transmission - PLUS new Black IPmitters ins tock now - ideal for use on the outside of buildings

Wireless Keyfobs & Keypads

IPmitters - wireless IP CCTV transmission

Wireless transmission of IP CCTV between buildings

On many installations you will often find that the CCTV has to cover areas that are hard to cable, typically where the main CCTV system is in one building but other satellite buildings also need to be covered by CCTV.

So how do you connect IP CCTV systems in a separate building together?

One option is simply to cable them, but this could involve digging trenches or running overhead catenary wires. This can be both costly and disruptive which is where a wireless IP link is by far the most attractive solution.

These wireless IP bridges are far more cost effective than running cables and much faster to deploy so they are more often than not the preferred choice for most installers where cabling is just too difficult.

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    Budget IPmitter Bridges

    All 3 IPmitter models boast a superb easy pairing method which means you can set up the IPmitter without needing a laptop or PC to set up its IP address, perfect for getting the job done more efficiently and without needing a dedicated IP technician to do the install. This Budget model has a data transfer rate of 300Mbs using the 2.4 GHz frequency and is aimed at smaller cost-conscious installations.

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    Standard IPmitter Bridges

    The Standard model has a faster data transfer rate of 450Mbs and uses the less crowded 5.8 GHz frequency so is less likely to be fighting for airspace in locations with a lot of Wi-Fi equipment. Its faster data transfer rate means it can link bigger IP CCTV systems together more effectively than the budget one.

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    PRO IPmitter Bridges

    The PRO model IPmitter is a top of the range IP bridge and boasts an ultra-fast 900Mbs data transfer rate, the uncrowded 5.8Ghz band and also a 48V PoE connection for easy and rapid deployment in PoE systems. The Budget and Standard IPmitter use 'Passive PoE' which is 24V not 48V so these are supplied with their own PSU.



Our wireless video transmitters are back!

Easily transmit video from one location top another up to a staggering 1KM !! Wireless video transmission remains our most asked for solution and over the years has been used to send...

...CCTV over tarmac and concrete car parks
.....camera images from farm buildings too remote to be cabled
.......TV signals from a house to a shed or outbuilding
.........even images of pets and children whilst they sleep.

  • New VideoMitters - MiniMItters

    Order Code: MiniMits (Pair)

    Getting a CCTV signal from A to B can sometimes be tricky so it's always handy to have the MiniMits in your toolkit if the need arises for a wireless solution.

    IN STOCK NOW! - Find out more here.
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    Antennas for extra range

    Our antennas can extend the range of your wireless CCTV signal up to 1KM and there are a number of models to suit your specific installation.

    Browse Full Antenna Range
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    Antennas Connection Leads

    Extension cables to fit the TX and RX of the VideoMitters and are used to connect antennas which do not have a direct connection. They allow the antennas to be sited a distance away from the actual TX/RX units (that could be mounted indoors or in a loft space).

    See Full List of Lengths

Zendit Wireless Keyfob, Keypad & Receiver Sets

Zendit Wireless Keyfob, Keypad & Receiver Sets

The Zendit range includes 1, 2, 3, 4ch keyfobs, wireless keypads and 3 models of Receiver. Typical uses are to operate door releases for access control, switch on and off lights even activate bellboxes.


Zendit Keyfob Range

Available as 1, 2, 3, 4 button designs in black or white with a handy sliding guard to prevent false activations.

The 1ch is a popular choice as a panic button when used with the wall-mount keyfob holder.

See the keyfob range here...
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    Zendit Keypad Range

    Great to use as an alternative or in addition to a keyfob to trigger up to 2 channels on the Zendit receiver, these wireless keypads can be used in or outdoors and work up to a 100M range.

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    Zendit Receivers

    These Zendit Receivers pair with our keyfobs and keypads in seconds for complete wireless control. The 4ch models even have 4 push button controls on the front emulating the keyfob being activated. Great for local control perhaps by a Receptionist.

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    Zendit Keyfob & Keypad Kits

    Need a few items from the range? Save some money with these pre-configured kit combos! They're a ready-made solution for virtually any install.

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    Zendit Keyfob Accessories

    The keyfobs can double up as a wireless panic button thanks to the handy wall mount keyfob holder. A metal belt clip is also available, ideal for on-site engineers to use.

Antenna & Lead Range

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