VoiceOFF® How it works

VoiceOFF can...

  • The VoiceOFF® can Live Talkback with Visitors or Intruders

    ...directly talkback to visitors or intruders in real time using my built in speaker and amplifier.

  • The VoiceOFF® can Warn, Deter, Welcome or Inform

    ...be a valuable asset to your business by deterring intruders and welcoming or informing staff or visitors.

VoiceOFF® can...

  • The VoiceOFF® can be triggered by PIRs, panic buttons, keyfobs & more

    ... be triggered by up to 10 hardwired inputs such as PIRs, panic buttons, keyfobs, relays and more!

  • The VoiceOFF® can take commands from a computer or CCTV equipment

    ... take commands from a computer or CCTV equipment (using RS232/485) to play up to 9999 sounds or messages stored on a PC.

See how the VoiceOFF® works in our video here...

10 Hardwired Alarm Inputs

VoiceOFF® - a great add-on to your CCTV system

10 hardwired alarms trigger 10 message/sound files

VoiceOFF® has 10 hardwired alarm inputs that can be wired up to any Normally Open or Normally Closed relay which means it can be triggered by a number of devices such as PIR movement detectors, door contacts, panic buttons, burglar alarm panels, DVRs and NVRs with alarm outputs such as the Zip range even keyfobs can be used to activate a message.

  • Our range of PIR detectors compatible with the VoiceOFF®

    PIR Detectors

    Our range of weatherproof PIR detectors are great for use with the VoiceOFF® alarm activated voice & message player as they can be used to detect someone approaching your premises and then automatically play an appropriate message such as asking visitors to please report to Reception.

  • Our range of keyfobs compatible with the VoiceOFF®

    Keyfob Kits

    The Zendit range of multi-channel wireless keyfob kits can easily be set up as a trigger for one of the VoiceOFF® messages. Use 1 channel to play a message outside a retail outlet to disperse loiterers.

  • The ZipDVR range

    DVRs such as Zip DVR

    Any DVR or recorder with an alarm output function such as the Zip range can be used to trigger a pre-recorded message on the VoiceOff®. It could be something as simple as alerting a visitor they are being captured on CCTV as they are detected in the recorder's motion detection setting.

Live Talkback

VoiceOFF® live talkback

VoiceOFF® can even talkback in real time to any area!

Using the on-board line-in connection on the VoiceOFF® unit you can connect a microphone and talkback to an area where you've spotted something on your CCTV cameras.

It's a great feature to have in addition to your CCTV systems and is a powerful deterrent if there is a clear and present threat to your business

Connects to a PC

VoiceOFF® works with any PC to play 9999 messages

VoiceOFF® connects to a PC to play 9999 messages!

Boasting both an RS232 and RS485 connection means the VoiceOFF® is easy to connect to a PC where up to 9999 different message and sound files can be stored. This feature really opens up the VoiceOFF® for use on large scale sites where more than 10 messages might be required such as for public sector use.

  • VoiceOFF® Scheduler Software

    VoiceOFF® Scheduler Software

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon and available to download from our new software site, this scheduling software lets you play messages at a predetermined time.

Wide Range of Messages & Sounds in simple MP3 format

VoiceOFF® Message & Sound MP3 Files

Getting the message right is easy with the VoiceOFF®

The VoiceOff® is actually supplied with some free useful message and sound files to get you started but adding more is easy! Simply record your own, download one of our many pre-recorded files or even get a bespoke message recorded by us to match your exact needs.

VoiceOFF® Hardware

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