VoiceOFF® Talkback

VoiceOFF® - 2 products in one!

  • VoiceOFF® can be an alarm activated Audio Warning Device

    1) An alarm activated Audio Warning Device

  • VoiceOff® can enable live talkback with an intruder or visitor

    2) A handy Talkback Amplifier

VoiceOFF® - Live Talkback

  • VoiceOFF® can enable live talkback from a connected PC

    Live Talkback from a Local PC

  • VoiceOFF® can enable live talkback over the internet

    Live Talkback over the Internet

More about this superb alarm activated voice & message player below...

  • VoiceOFF® can enable live talkback from a connected microphone

    Live Talkback from a connected Microphone

    The VoiceOFF® has a simple line input (phono socket) that means you can plug a microphone straight in to convey your message through the loudspeaker to an area.

  • VoiceOFF® - Twice the Value

    Built-In Talkback Amplifier as Standard

    VoiceOFF® is really 2 products in one. An alarm activated message and sound (audio) warning device and a built in talkback amplifier too.

  • Live Talkback over the Internet

    Again you can use the client software interface of a compatible DVR such as the Zip range to talkback to a visitor or intruder over the Internet.

  • VoiceOFF® can enable live talkback from a compatible DVR

    Live Talkback from a compatible DVR

    Using a compatible DVR such as the Zip range you can connect a microphone up to it for live talkback to an area if you spot something happen on the CCTV cameras.

  • VoiceOFF® Talkback - Ideal to deter intruders

    A Great Way to Deter Intruders

    Using this handy talkback feature it could make trespassers think twice before entering a restricted area or keep your premises safe from theft or damage.

  • VoiceOFF® - Great for use in the Public Sector

    Ideal for Public Sector Use

    VoiceOFF® is suitable for use in many different locations including Schools, Hospitals, Prisons and other public areas. These messages can be a great way of directing people to a certain area or warning people away from a location.

  • VoiceOFF® - Ideal for Health & Safety Announcements

    Designed for Health & Safety

    The VoiceOFF® is the perfect device for providing a constant reminder to staff or site workers about the importance of wearing protective clothing or entering a potentially hazardous area. These messages can be triggered in many different ways, whether a PIR, break beam, door contact or just a simple push button.

  • VoiceOFF® - Promotional Messages

    A Fantastic Marketing Tool

    The VoiceOFF® can add so much more to your business by keeping customers informed of a new offer or promotion. It can welcome visitors to your office reception area or direct them to a certain location. With the VoiceOFF® the possibilities are endless.

VoiceOFF® Hardware

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