1 Channel Wireless Receiver

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Pair in Seconds for Complete Wireless Control!

  • Volt Free Outputs
  • Latchable or Non-Latchable
  • 1 Channel
  • 1A 30V DC Load

Single channel receivers compatible with any of the key fobs or key pads in the WIR300 range.

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Compatible with any of the key fobs or key pads in the range. For extra security our receivers use rolling codes which change on every use - this means they are never duplicated.

This model is housed in an attractive white case to blend with most interiors. Pair this with the 1 button key fob for use as a panic button or simple control of a single device, or with the key pad to open one electric door or gate.

There's a simple latching cap for Latch or Non-latch setting to allow more precise control of equipment whether activating it for a set duration or a more definitive on/off command.

A compact size, this unit has a simple terminal strip power connection and can learn codes within seconds for easy programming too.

There are two options for the receivers that the key fobs and key pads transmit to. There is this micro -1ch one, perfect to install inside of equipment like alarms panels and such, or a 4ch wall mounted receiver where you can control extra equipment with the additional relays.

More about Zendit...

The Zendit range of wirefree key fobs & key pads is a gift to any CCTV, alarm or access control engineer thanks to its versatility and wide range of configurations.

Ideal for opening gates, switching lights on, sounding audio devices such as the VoiceOFF, this great value range adds lots of functionality to a security or automation system without a hefty price tag.

The key fobs can be used as a standard fob for up to 4 devices or even wall mounted in a clip to serve as a static panic button or controller. Handy belt clips are also available to carry the fobs on your person within easy reach again as either a panic button or for a member of staff to gain quick control or access of other equipment.

The entire range includes single of multi (2, 3 or 4) button key fobs in either a white or black finish with a selection of keyrings and clips, compact wall mount push button key pads and 1 or 4ch receivers.

Dual channel key pads are a useful addition to the range allowing a fixed access pad to activate the opening of a door or gate without the risk of personnel losing or forgetting their keys.

The Zendit wireless key fobs, key pads and receivers work seamlessly with our electronic lock range and can be wired through the receiver’s relay or add extra functionality with one of our Handy Rascal timed relays.

Channels 1
Use Internal Use Only
Frequency 433.92MHz
Transmission Rolling Code 30
Max Stored Transmitters 30
Relay Load Capacity 1A 30V DC
Input Voltage 12V DC
Current Consumption 30mA
Power Connection Screw Terminals
Dimensions (H) 58 x (W) 34 x (D) 20mm
1 Channel