250m RG59+2 Standard Composite Cable

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2-in-1, Saves Time & Money!

  • Solid Copper Core for Long Runs
  • Double Shield
  • Low Loss - 2.5dB per 100m
  • Bonded Aluminium Foil

Antihum branded RG59+2 cable uses 7 x 0.38 copper conductors for each of the power cores, TWICE the size of some of our competitor's so you can use it for TWICE the distance before you get the same volt drop.

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Our best selling RG59+2 composite cable allows you to send power and a video signal down just the one cable, saving you installation time and money fitting 1 cable instead of 2!

Antihum® branded RG59+2 cable uses 7 x 0.38mm copper conductors for each of the power cores, TWICE the size of some of our competitor's cores! This means using antihum® cable, you can use it for TWICE the distance compared to our competitors before you get the same volt drop.

Similarly we use a 0.7mm SOLID COPPER core for the Co-ax which means again over the same cable length our video signal is up to 4X as strong as our competitors that use "copper coated" centre conductors. Its also shielded with a glued foil sheath to protect against interference. This also prevents the problem of loose foil shorting to the centre-pin.

The two cables run in shotgun style and can be easily separated to allow the power cores to be taken to a power source leaving the RG59 to be crimped for connection to a DVR, camera or monitor. The power cores are colour coded red 12V and black 0V to avoid any errors in connection. These power cores can also be used to run 24V AC.

The superb performance of our antihum® RG59 cable is no accident and we have had it manufactured to the same exacting standards now for 20 years so you know you will always get consistent high quality images when you use it, even with HD cameras!

It is a low loss cable losing only approximately 2.5dB of video signal over a 100 metre run. As a rule of thumb, the maximum loss should be kept under 6dB. This means a massive cable run of 240 metres can be achieved without the use of an amplifier. Using a quality HD video amplifier, such as the AMP101 runs of up to 1200 metres can be achieved.

Solid Copper Core

Premium quality for longer runs. Not inferior CCS (Copper Coated Steel) or CCA (Copper Coated Aluminium).

Did you know?
Copper is a better conductor of electricity than gold so it is the top choice. Aluminium is only 61% as good as copper so can be a real false economy to fit.

Separating Cables

Our standard size RG59+2 cable is a shotgun (ripcord) style for a fast, easy installation.

Two Power Cores

Great for powering the camera - 7 x 0.38mm copper.

Double Shield

  1. Glued foil means it cuts and stays right to the very edge of the insulator for max protection against interference - that's why we call it antihum®
  2. 0.12 x 48 aluminium wire shield

Quality Cable on Quality Wooden Drums

Antihum® cable is supplied on wooden reels (not cardboard) so they don't fall apart in your van. Saves time - perfect for professional installers!

Key Features

Key Features of our Antihum RG59 Plus 2 Composite Cable

  CAB522 CAB532
RG59 Core 0.7mm Solid Copper 0.7mm Solid Copper
RG59 Shield 0.12 x 48 Aluminium Wires 0.12 x 48 Aluminium Wires
RG59 Foil Bonded Aluminium Bonded Aluminium
Power Cores 2 (Insulated Copper) 2 (Insulated Copper)
Power Core Size 7 x 0.38mm 7 x 0.38mm
Power Core Colours Red / Black Red / Black
Impedance 75 ohm 75 ohm
Resistance 2.5dB per 100m 2.5dB per 100m
Outer Sheath PVC PVC
Ripcord Yes Yes
Colour Black White
Cable Size 12mm Wide Shotgun 12mm Wide Shotgun
Cable Length 250m 100m
Pack Quantity 1 Drum 1 Drum
Dimensions Drum: Ø380mm x (H) 225mm Drum: Ø380mm x (H) 225mm