8ch Co-ax Fast Fix Kit with Wall-Mount PSU

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Fast Fix Kit has everything you will need to install your DVR!

  • Ideal for 8ch DVR systems
  • Saves time when installing
  • Saves time when ordering

Fast Fix Kits include everything you need to get your CCTV system up and running. Save pounds from standard trade prices!

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Fast Fix Kits include everything you need to get your CCTV system up and running.

FAST because it saves time on ordering, there's no need to worry about missing an item off your order or leaving your order with the office to place. All the vital accessories are included under one simple order code with one simple price.

FAST because it saves time when installing, you have everything you need to get your CCTV system up and running in one handy sealed pouch so you won't leave items back at the office or lose them in the van.

FAST because it saves time for all your staff. It's one item to order, stock and book out so it saves handling and admin time not just installation time.

Wall mounted power supply with lockable metal case for security. Regulated 12V DC 5 Amp PSU with multiple outputs for use with up to nine suitable CCTV cameras. Each output produces up to 1 Amp (max 5A over all outputs) to suit most cameras and housings. Housed in a metal case, this unit measures 250 x 250 x 70mm. Up to 1 Amp per port or 5 Amp on only one port by changing the fuse.

A 100M roll of RG59+2 co-ax cable on a wooden drum. With a solid copper core this cable gives maximum performance especially for HD or over longer runs by providing a video signal that is up to 4x stronger than other cheap brands with just a copper coated core. Conjoined power cores allows CCTV cameras to be powered at one central location near your control equipment.

Designed to keep your CCTV system data compliant these durable A3 size warning signs come with free registration on the WhoIsWatchingMe database.

8 Zulug Plugs with T-Strip Connections for simply and easily wiring a DC 2.1mm plug to your cable.

20 BNC connectors for connecting up cameras & DVRs in our most popular 3pc Crimp-On design.

Flat 6mm clips for our RG59+2 composite cable, with extra hard nails that resist bending and a softer plastic that resists shattering.

Cable 100m RG59+2
PSU 5A 12V DC Wall Mount PSU 9 Outputs
Extras 8 x Zulug Plugs with T-Strip Connection
Signs 4 x A3 CCTV Warning Signs
Clips 100 x Shotgun Cable Clips
Connectors 20 x 3pc BNC Crimp On Connectors
Leads 5m HDMI Lead
FastFix Kit