CCTV Installer's Tool Set

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Get Kitted Out for Your Next CCTV Job!

  • BNC Crimp Tool for 2, 3pc & Mini 3pc
  • Side Cutters
  • BNC Removal Tool
  • Co-ax Cable Stripper

4 of our best selling tools ideal for installers new to CCTV!

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This money saving collection of essential CCTV tools include:

  • BNC Ratchet Crimp (TOO980)
    Crimps 3pc, 2pc & even mini 3pc BNCs
  • Cable Stripper (TOO900)
    Time-saving tool, strip RF cable to the right length and depth every time
  • BNC Removal Tool (TOO920)
    Remove hard to reach BNCs with this handy tool
  • Side Cutters (TOO910)
    Ideal for smaller, standard types of cable

TOO980 Rachet Crimp Tool

The TOO980 BNC crimp tool is an essential piece of kit for CCTV installers.

The clever design means you now only need one tool for all your BNC crimping needs.

The TOO980 crimps 3pc, 2pc and mini 3pc BNCs.

To see how to crimp a 3 piece or 2 piece BNC crimp see the How It Works section below.

TOO900 Co-ax Cable Stripper

This useful tool saves valuable time on any co-ax cable installation. Effortlessly strips awkward RF type cables such as Co-ax and RG59.

TOO920 BNC Removal Tool

Remove hard to reach BNC plugs from their sockets with this handy tool! A must have for CCTV installers.

TOO910 Side Cutters

A low-cost, useful pair of side cutters, ideal for working with smaller types of cable such as alarm cable or cutting centre cores on co-ax cables.

Crimps 3pc, 2pc & Mini 3pc BNC
Use Co-Ax & RG59 Cable
Pack Quantity 4 Tools