3rd Jun 2024

CO-AX plus IP ! Two technologies. One device. Introducing the Zip XVR

Transitioning from a coaxial network to an IP system may appear daunting, particularly when considering potential expenses and efforts associated with rewiring. However, System Q is here to transform this task into a promising opportunity.

Introducing the Zip XVR

A revolutionary blend of DVR & NVR in a single Hybrid recorder

Our analogue-to-IP transition solutions set us apart within the surveillance industry. Products like the IP Mules and the Zip Hybrid DVR (XVR) are specifically designed to streamline the process of migrating from coaxial to IP systems, making it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. These professional tools are engineered to simplify the shift and make it a breeze. 

Discover a game-changer for your security needs!

Our Zip XVR recorder bridges the gap between analogue and IP, by combining the best of DVR and NVR technologies into one powerful device. With the capacity to add up to 8 IP cameras per recorder (or more), you can effortlessly upgrade your customer’s system without a complete infrastructure revamp. It avoids thus the typical rip-and-replace scenario, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Beyond its primary function, our Zip XVR boasts a range of features* that set it apart from the competition. From Audio Over Co-ax and Talk Back to Multiple Audio & Alarm inputs and Instant Detective Search. It also includes iSENSE AI features like Face Detection and Recognition, Vehicle Detection, Cross Counting, Crowd Density, and more.

Featuring Google and Alexa Integration, YouTube live streaming, crystal-clear 4K video, and secure cloud storage capabilities, our XVR recorders delivers a dependable and professional surveillance experience.
"Turn maintenance customers into opportunities!"
Mike Isherwood
System Q - Managing Director

Easy-to-use interface

Designed with an all-metal body, the Zip XVR is both durable and sleek. Its intuitive interface provides easy access to various settings, just a few clicks away. If the system requires additional storage, simply connect a Zipstor eSATA Hard Drive Expander to the Zip XVR for up to 40TB of extra space. Enjoy peace of mind with our UK managed DDNS and UK based support, ensuring hassle-free system maintenance. 

High-quality images, real-time video transmission on YouTube

The XVR’s impressive features were recently put to the test in a sports facility, where it enabled live-streaming of exercise classes to a broader audience on YouTube. Viewers were treated to high-quality images, real-time video transmission, and an outstanding live event experience, thanks to the seamless integration of advanced IP camera capabilities provided by System Q’s powerful Zip XVR. Check out our live stream, captured a year ago, showcasing the stunning lake view from our HQ.

Advanced IP camera features on your current coaxial infrastructure

Modernise your analogue system with System Q’s Zip Hybrid DVR (XVR) and unlock a wealth of advanced IP camera features while maximizing the lifespan of your current coaxial infrastructure.

*It’s important to note that the specific features mentioned, such as Google and Alexa Integration, YouTube live streaming, and others may vary depending on the model of the Zip XVR selected. Be sure to explore the different options available to find the perfect fit for your surveillance requirements.


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