HD Digital Modulator - CCTV To TV

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Distribute Your CCTV or SKY'S HDMI Output So It's Watchable on TVs

  • Watch Your CCTV on Your TV!
  • Update from USB
  • Dual Input HDMI & CVBS (Old Analogue)
  • Selectable Ch Outputs
The Scatterbox modulator allows you to distribute an HDMI output from your SKY box or your HD CCTV system through your exisitng co-ax aerial system to view images as a digital TV channel.
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Most homes still use a co-ax cable as a way to distribute TV signals from the aerial to the various TVs within the property. The Scatterbox modulator (MOD300) allows you to make the best of this set-up and use it to distribute your HD CCTV through the same co-ax.

It works by allowing the HDMI output of a DVR to be converted into a digital RF signal or "Digital TV channel" so you can distribute it around a home and watch it on any TV just like it's an actual digital TV channel. Imagine how pleased your customer will be when they can see their CCTV images in their lounge, kitchen and bedroom!

This set up has an added advantage of keeping the DVR out of harm's way and also helps keep your installation tidy as you can fit the DVR in the customer's loft and cable the cameras straight in.

The modulator produces a high quality HD 1080p picture far superior to an CVBS modulated signal and because the HDMI input to the Scatterbox modulator also carries sound and video, any connected TVs will also be able to playback sound from the DVR or other device too.

The MOD300 features a built in combiner which inserts your CCTV images into you aerial signal so that you CCTV images appear as one of the digital TV channels. This combiner is adequate for most jobs however on installs where there is older, low quality co-ax cable or high interference you may need to use an external combiner such as the AER180.

Note: The MOD300 has to process and digitise the HDMI input from the DVR and this creates a small delay or "latency" in its output, this is typically in the region of 200 milliseconds. This means the TV picture would be around 1/5 second behind what the DVR's output is doing. It's very similar to the latency you get with IP camera systems

Aerial Input Co-ax F-type Socket
Aerial Output Co-ax F-type Socket
RF Output 50 ~ 950 MHz
RF Level 31dB ~ +6dB
Video Output MPEG 4
Output Resolution 1080p / 720p
Display Colour LCD
Power 12V DC
Power Connection 2.1mm DC Socket
PSU 2A PSU Supplied
Mount Wall
Build Metal
Dimensions (H) 99 x (W) 198 x (D) 33mm