Make impossible installations possible!

3rd Jun 2024

Make impossible installations possible!

Transitioning from a coaxial network to an IP system may appear daunting, particularly when considering potential expenses and efforts associated with rewiring. However, System Q is here to transform this task into a promising opportunity.

The IP-MULE, easy IP over CO-AX, up to 2km!

No rip and replace Co-ax Cables!

With IP Mules, you can send LAN network traffic down cabling that would not usually work on a LAN, for example, alarm, co-ax or speaker cable.

When upgrading a CCTV system, you can use the existing co-ax cable and swap the cameras to IP, using the IP Mules to carry the signal along the co-ax cable. 

The IP Mules are not limited to CCTV use. You can, for example, link two buildings together on a LAN that only has a bell wire between them!

The IP Mules can save days of labour running out new Ethernet cables and they are great value for money.

"Turn maintenance customers into opportunities!"
Mike Isherwood
System Q - Managing Director

Easy Set Up

Each IP Mule unit is identical and can be set to 'Master' or 'Slave' using a simple slider switch. You can buy the mules in singles or pairs depending on your requirements.
The IP-MULE needs a 12V power supply at both ends but other than that, it’s simple to use, with no real configuration to do.

This is a real problem solver that will save you time and money when dealing with a Co-ax system that needs upgrading to IP.

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