MiniMit Wireless Video Transmitters

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Easily Transmit CVBS Video up to 1Km* Without Wires!!

  • Digital Transmission
  • Whisper Mode
  • Privacy Pairing
  • Power Pass-Through

If you need to get a video signal from one location to another wirelessly, then the MiniMits may be a suitable solution for you.

*Up to 200m standard TX distance as supplied, can be enhanced up to 1KM with additional antennas such as model AER550.

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Use it…

  • To transmit a CCTV camera image over roads or "hard to cable" terrain
  • To transmit the CCTV cameras from wildlife cameras back to a recorder
  • To transmit DVR/NVR CVBS output wirelessly to another location
  • To transmit CCTV camera images from one building to another

If you need to get a video signal from one location to another wirelessly, then the MiniMits may be a suitable solution for you.

The MiniMit can ONLY transmit standard analogue video (CVBS), but as most 4-in-1 CCTV cameras have a CVBS output they can be used to provide wireless CCTV where cabling just isn’t an option.

It is not commercially feasible to wirelessly transmit TVI, CVI or AHD due to cost, but the quality transmission of the CVBS signal by the MiniMits provides a good affordable solution and is a great problem solver.

MiniMits can transmit standard CVBS video up to up 200M with the antennas provided and this can be boosted to 1km with the use of optional directional AER550 antennas

MiniMit is a compact version of the original VideoMitter and it’s quite easy to accommodate it in a suitable enclosure. Installers can mount this with the use of appropriate double sided sticky pads.

TIP – If your DVR can use IP cameras in addition to TVI or CVI you could consider transmitting an IP camera with our IPMitters to add a wireless CCTV camera.

Get up to 1KM "Line of sight" range by adding extra antennas:

  • Omni-Directional Antennas (AER535) ideal for when transmitting to multiple RX in an area.
  • Semi Directional Antennas (AER538) a compact antenna handy when you have 2 transmitters in close proximity to avoid cross interference.
  • Directional Parabolic Antennas (AER550) this high gain parabolic dish antenna gives a very focused signal up to 1KM, great for use on remote outbuilding whilst the TX can be fitted safely inside with the connection of one of our Antenna Extension Cables up to 5M away.
Frequency 2.4Ghz
Transmission Video Input - CVBS
Max Range Up to 1Km (with additional antenna)
Antenna RP-SMA Female
Video Connection BNC
Input Voltage 12V DC
Current Consumption 190mA
Power Connection 2.1mm DC Socket
Power Source Required

(H) 80 x (W) 41 x (D) 18mm (Without Antennas)
(H) 220 x (W) 41 x (D) 18mm (With Antennas)

200m - 1km