Open Box: 1Ch PoE Extender

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Low Cost 100Mbs PoE Extender

  • Low Cost
  • PoE Powered
  • 100Mbs
  • PoE In & Out

Low cost IP PoE extenders. Add on the end of a 100M run to extend the run by a further 100M. Cascade up to 2 for a 300M run.

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PoE network cable runs are usually limited to around 100m maximum length which on a large industrial unit by the time the cables have been routed out of the way can be a little limiting.

This ScatterBox PoE extender can go 3x as far to create cable runs up to an amazing 300m. The small in-line unit requires no external power source so it can be fitted almost anywhere along the existing network cable run to make a quick and easy installation.

Up to 2 units can be used on a run to reach up to 300m with each extender connected to the end of a 100m max cable run to boost the power and data for another 100m.

For additional flexibility this unit is compatible with PoE Splitters to power non-PoE cameras requiring 660mA or less on runs up to 200m.

This extender can be used on 10 & 100 Mbps networks.

Input Connection 1x RJ45 Socket
Max Cable Input 100m
Output Connection 1x RJ45 Socket
Max Cable Output 100m
Bandwidth 10Mbps / 100Mbps
Max Output 12W (12V / 1A)
Units Per Run 2 Max
Use Internal Use Only
Dimensions (H) 26 x (W) 75 x (D) 37.5mm