Open Box: MegaMitter Wireless 2MP AHD transmission

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Transmit 4-in-1 CCTV Cameras Wirelessly Using our Superb New Megamitters

  • AHD 720p / AHD 1080p
  • Digital TX/RX
  • 200m - 1Km Range
  • Easy Pair

Video TX & RX Pair (inc. 2 Antennas), ideal for HD 4-in-1 CCTV cameras using the AHD output/input.

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After 24 months of R&D we are pleased to launch our HD 2MP MegaMitter which can transmit AHD CCTV cameras wirelessly.

The quality electronics of the MegaMitter digitise the signal resulting in almost no loss of picture quality for stunning results. The robust aluminium case adds a great toughness and feel to the product as well as shielding any interference for the best possible picture quality.

The MegaMitters are sold in pairs and one acts as a transmitter and the other as a receiver for a one-to-one transmission. Using the antennas supplied, you can expect to get good results up to 200m line of sight with no obstructions in between the TX & RX. For greater distances you may need to consider upgrading the antennas to directional ones which are sold as extras.

Up to 4 pairs of MegaMitters can be used on the same site but it is recommended to use directional antennas when using multiple sets and keep them 2m apart. The MegaMitters are designed to work on 12V DC so they are easy to power using standard 12V PSUs.

Top Tip !

If you usually use TVI, simply set your CCTV camera to AHD mode and the DVR should automatically detect the AHD input, if not go into the DVR menu and select AHD.

Frequency 2.4Ghz
Transmission AHD 720p / AHD 1080p
Pair Minimum Distance 2m
Modulation 16QAM/QPSK/BPSK
Max Range 200m (as Supplied) - 1Km (with additional aerials)
Delay 150mS Max
Antenna RP-SMA
Video Connection BNC
Input Voltage 12V DC
Current Consumption Tx 250mA, Rx 140mA
Power Connection 2.1mm DC Socket
Power Source Required
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 70°C
IP Rating IP65 excluding connection
Dimensions 110 x 95 x 25mm (not including aerials or wires)