Power Supply Regulator - 24V AC To 12V DC

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Get a 12V DC Output with Only a 24V AC PSU Installed!

  • Regulates Power
  • 18-24V AC Input
  • Handy Device
  • 12V DC Output
The VoltDevil voltage regulator provides 12V DC output from 18-24V AC input!
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The new VoltDevil voltage regulator provides 12V output from 18-24V AC input!

Useful for converting a 24V AC supply from a power source or PTZ equipment into a regulated 12V DC supply for a camera.

Handy if you want to only run one power supply but have two pieces of equipment that have different power requirements. Attach the VoltDevil to the cable before the low powered device to do this.

A long 12V cable run often loses power before reaching its destination. To avoid this issue you can run a 24V cable and then use a VoltDevil to drop the power to 12V just before the camera.

Input Voltage 18-24V AC
Output Voltage 12V DC / 1A
Dimensions (H) 23 x (W) 39 x (D) 88mm
12V DC