Premium Brass 3 Piece BNC Crimps 100pcs

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Premium Quality 3 PIECE BNC Plug, Crimps on in Seconds!

  • Brass Body (Nickel Plated)
  • Solid Brass Pin
  • Great Results
  • Crimp On Design

The same design as our standard 3 piece BNC crimps just made to a higher standard for the best results.

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BNCs are the connector of choice in the CCTV industry thanks to their ‘twist and lock’ style that prevents cables being easily pulled out from the back of equipment. With BNC sockets found on the rear of most CCTV equipment, BNC plugs are the most popular CCTV connector style.

Did You Know?
BNC stands for Bayonet Neill-Concelman. Bayonet refers to the connector’s style and Neill-Concelman refers to the two Bell Labs engineers who developed it, Paul Neill and Carl Concelman. This useful connector that twists and locks was also used on Naval Vessels giving BNC a secondary name of British Naval Connector.

BNCs are available in a range of styles to suit different cables and your preferred fitting method. Use our guide below to pick the right one for your needs.

Premium BNC Crimp-On 3 piece (these connectors)

The same design as our standard 3 piece BNC crimps just made to a higher standard for the best results

  • Code: CON450 - Premium BNC 3pc Crimp Plug - Tub 100 - re-usable with screw top lid. Each plug individually wrapped inside
    Our Premium BNC has a solid brass pin and (nickel plated) brass body making it a great conductor, extra resistant to overheating and very hard wearing too. These are well worth the extra pence especially on commercial jobs or long cable runs. For standard RG59 and shotgun style cables, requires TOO980 Ratchet tool for fitting.

How To Crimp A 3 Piece BNC

Type Crimp On Plug
Style BNC - 3 Piece
Use With RG59
Build Brass (Nickel Plated)
Centre Pin Solid Brass
Pack Size 100
Packaging Screw Lid Tub
Dimensions Ø14mm x (H) 30mm