PSU - Plug In - 14V DC 120mA - Charger

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14V DC 120mA - Charger for our battery packs BAT200

  • Universal 2.1mm DC Plug
  • 14V DC 120mA
Our Handy-Battery is one of those truly indispensable products that we use in our own workshops on a daily basis, which we thought our customers would benefit from too.
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When you are fitting CCTV for a living, its worth having tools or equipment that make you more efficient at your job. After all it saves you time and makes you money.

Our Handy-Battery is one of those truly indispensable products that we use in our own workshops on a daily basis, which we thought our customers would benefit from so we made it commercially available to all. It can be used to power any 12V camera or 12V LCD monitor and its truly portable size means its great for testing cameras on or off site.

What is the Handy-Battery?

The Handy-Battery is a compact 12V power pack with an industry standard 2.1mm DC power plug. Using the latest Nickel metal hydride cells (Ni-MH), the Handy-Battery provides a high capacity 2000mAh charge, is relatively light and suffers no "memory effect" that causes standard Ni-Cad cells to fail after repeated short charges. The Handy-Battery can be recharged up to 1000 times!

Its compact size is only 15mm thick and 74mm by 102mm meaning it is easy to use in covert applications even with "body worn" CCTV equipment. The Handy-Battery even makes a great replacement battery where the original battery has failed or you need a spare one for convenience.

Some examples include...

Check For Volt Drop

If you think you have a voltage drop problem on a camera with a long run, simply power the camera locally with Handy-Battery and you can check it in minutes.

Check For "Ground-Loop" Problems

If you think you have a "ground-loop" problem caused by PSUs and equipment at different earth potentials, use the Handy-Battery to power the camera and see if the problem goes away as you can't get a ground-loop problem with a battery.

Test Wire-Free Products

If you want to try how far a wire-free transmitter and receiver will work apart, use two Handy-Batteries to power them without running long leads and extensions - tested in minutes!

Ideal For Covert Use

The small slim size means it is easy to hide in pockets, clothes or objects to power covert cameras, with its simple and easy to use charger why waste money on disposable batteries!

Great For Demonstrating Cameras

If you want to demo a camera to a customer just use the Handy-Battery to power it and feed the video into his TV or monitor for a quick and painless demonstration without needing awkward PSUs or adaptors.

Ideal Spare Or Replacement Battery

Need a spare battery and charger for your 12V test monitor, use the Handy-Battery! Fitted with a 2.1mm DC power plug the Handy-Battery will fit most 12V equipment. (Note the centre Pin is + which is standard on most equipment but always check!)

Whatever equipment you have that takes 12V and has the industry standard 2.1mm DC socket on it, use the Handy-Battery to power it and you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Output Connection 2.1mm DC Socket
Charger UK 3-Pin Plug
Charger Input Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Charger Output Voltage 14V DC / 120mA
Cable Length 130mm
Dimensions (H) 67 x (W) 50 x (D) 50mm
14V DC