RJ45 Rubber Boots Pack of 100

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Fits Standard or RapidFit RJ45 Plugs

  • Prevents Bending at Plug
  • Prevents Fraying
  • Choice of Colours

Handy rubber boots for creating a neat, professional finish when making your own network cables.

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These RJ45 boots create a hard extension on the end of your connectors.

The tough durable rubber build means that they prevent the cable from bending at the point of termination.

When cables are bent at the connector it can pull the cores out of the plug so so boots like these are vital to the longevity of self-made cables.

Bending cables stretches the internal wires and this is made worse the closer the bend is to the plug. Having this extra hard extension helps prevent this from happening.

Another added advantage is that they also stop the cable ends from fraying too!

Type Boot / Sleeve
Style RJ45
Build Rubber
Colour Options
Pack Size 100
Rubber Boots