Zip Rapid Deploy Wireless Camera with Battery

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Rapid Deploy, Battery Powered Wireless CCTV Cameras

  • 2.8mm Wide Angle 2MP Cameras
  • Long Battery Life
  • Long Transmission Range (up to 200M)
  • Zip NVR & DVR compatible

Replacments - Rapid Deploy receiver required

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No cabling required
Using wireless Zip technology and a built in battery for power they need no cabling, just place the cameras where you need to get the best angle of view and that's it.

Long Battery Life*
Up to 2 years standby and typically 1-2 weeks of moderate use - (works only when PIR detects movement)

Long Transmission Range - up to 200M
Working on the same frequencies as traditional WiFi, similar transmission distances can expect to be achieved. Read our Tip 482 for how to achieve the best results.

Zip NVR & DVR compatible
Once mounted the cameras can be set up in the Zip DVR or NVR to enable handy features such as 2-way audio and the built in PIR function that can be used to activate recordings.

Rapid Deploy - Fast to fit
The new Zip range of rapid deploy cameras are a great add-on to your Zip DVR or NVR CCTV system as no cabling means they take only a minute to fit.

WiFi style Transmission**
These cameras transmit directly to the Rapid Deploy Receiver (SEE020) that plugs directly into the USB of your compatible Zip DVR or NVR so they require no real programming.
NB. They are not designed to transmit to a standard WiFi access point.

2.8mm Wide Angle 2MP Cameras
A wide angle lens allows maximum coverage of a room or an area and the camera's handy brackets give lots of viewing options once wall mounted.

Built in IR (up to 8M)
On-board IR LEDs means the cameras can see in the dark, ideal if they are being used on a mobile site to catch fly tippers or in the home if you're watching your child or pets sleeping and prefer not to leave the lights switched on.

Built-in Microphone & Speaker for 2-way audio
A great way to "talk back" to an area you are recording – perfect for warning off an intruder.

Built-in PIR (up to 10M) for alarm inputs
Built in to the compact camera this helps to save battery life by activating the camera into wake up mode to transmit only when you need it.

4 Rapid Deploy Cameras per Receiver
Up to 4 of these camera units can transmit wirelessly to a mini receiver that simply plugs in to the back of your Zip NVR or DVR using a standard USB lead.

Black or White Compact Camera Design
Measuring just 14x9cm and available in 2 finishes either white (plastic) or gloss black metal, they can even be fitted outdoors and provide a great solution for a temporary or mobile set up.

Rechargeable Battery Packs
Spare packs make it easy to hot swap the batteries on these Rapid Deploy cameras so you can remove the existing pack and simply recharge it with a normal Micro (B) USB charger.

NB. These Rapid Deploy cameras ONLY transmit and connect to the Zip wireless receiver (SEE020). They will not work with a standard WiFi access point.

* Long Battery Life from 20 hrs in continuous mode to nearly 2½ years in constant standby mode. Battery pack are rechargeable using a standard micro USB B type lead.

** WiFi style requires no router set up, camera transmits straight to the Rapid Deploy Receiver (SEE020) plugged in to the USB of a compatible Zip DVR or NVR.

Top Tip
Keep a Rapid Deploy Set in your van ready for when you go to survey a job. You can secure the customer’s premises there and then and go back at a later date to fit the full CCTV system.
It's a Win-Win your customer feels safe and you secure the job with no competition!

Audio Output Built-in Speaker
Bracket Supplied
Build Plastic
Current Consumption 420mA (Activate) / 400mA (Sleep)
Finish White
Min. Illumination 0 Lux with LEDs on
Input Voltage DC 4.2V +-10%
InfraRed LEDs 6
IR Range 8m
Lens Type 2.8mm Fixed Lens
Noise Reduction 3D
Operating Temperature From -20 to 55 deg C
PIR Built-in 10m Range
Power Connection Battery Pack - 2900mAh/ea Capacity
Resolution HD 1080P / 2MP
Viewing Angle 120 Degrees
White Balance Auto
Dimensions (H)136 x (W)73mm x (D)89mm
Audio 2-Way Built-in
Audio Input Built-in Microphone