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Everything You Need for a Superb Quality CCTV System Installed At a Great Price

  • Phone Push Notifications
  • Free Mobile Apps & Windows Software
  • iSENSE Lite Built-in
  • Dual Stream Record (Main & Sub)

The 5MP Smart is a mid range DVR that caters for a wide range of installations with additional features such as multiple audio & alarm inputs and an eSata port.

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Easy to use and install Zip DVR supports Alexa & Cloud storage

  • Phone Push Notifications
  • Quality Video up to 5MP
  • iSENSE Lite Built-in
  • Free Android & iOS Apps
  • Free Windows Software
  • Instant Detective Search
  • Self Password Reset (Free)
  • Free UK Managed DDNS
  • Free Remote Setup
  • Face Detect (with iSENSE)
  • Vehicle Detect (with iSENSE)
  • Alarm Inputs / Output
  • ZipStor eSata Expansion
  • Add up to 4 Cameras
  • Tri-Stream TX (Full-Sub-Mobile)
  • Dual Stream Record (Main & Sub)
  • Google & Alexa Compatible
  • Email Password Reminder
  • Alarm Event Recording
  • Easy Schedule Recording
  • Auto Snapshot Capture
  • Talk Back Feature
  • Video TAG Features
  • Email & FTP Built-in
  • Cloud Storage
  • Covert Camera Mode
  • Privacy Masking
  • USB Back Up Port
  • Records Audio


The ZipDVR is designed to be easy to use and simple to install, packing a punch with features such as "Alexa integration" and the latest AI technology under the hood.


All the ZipDVRs have auto-camera inputs so you can use either TVI, CVI, AHD or CVBS cameras and even detect IP cameras on a network for maximum flexibility. Up the Co-ax control (UTC) of the cameras makes installation a doddle on items such as PTZs as you don't need to install a separate data cable for control.

Now with iSENSE firmware, the Smart DVR has cloud storage and even Google & Alexa integration. For example by saying "Alexa, show me the front door camera" you could view your CCTV on your Alexa SHOW!! The free mobile app with push notifications, search, playback and even talkback makes the Smart DVR a great choice for installers wanting something different to their peers.

The Smart DVR range is a great choice for installers who want to have a genuine Trade Only CCTV product offering that makes them stand out from the crowd, feature packed and competitively priced it means you don't have to compete with DIY offerings as the ZIP is not sold via Retailers. Newly added features requested by installers include a free self-help password reset routine and even easier and faster QR code network set up that doesn't require an account per user - unlike competitor models that harvest your data, we don't.

Smart 5MP DVRs

The 5MP Smart is a mid range DVR that caters for a wide range of installations with additional features such as multiple audio & alarm inputs and an eSata port to plug in a ZipStor HDD array for a huge additional 48TB of storage! In addition to the 4K HDMI output on the Smart DVR, it has a CVBS output for driving old legacy monitors in retail applications.

Dual USB sockets mean you have mouse control over the DVR menu (identical to the ZipNVR) so it's really easy to get to most of the settings you need in less than 3 clicks. The rear USB can be left free for doing quick evidence back ups.

Not only will it record high definition 5MP cameras (whether TVI, CVI or AHD) it works with IP cameras too as a bonus to the existing channels so there is capacity to expand your system at a later date.

Featuring up to 16 alarm and audio on every channel, the Zip SUPA is a great all-rounder suitable for most homes and businesses. The alarm channels are good for using on external cameras where they can be triggered by PIR or break beam detectors when a person or vehicle approaches a property. Indoors they can be used with a door contact when someone enters a stock room and the audio is a great addition on these channels too so you can hear what is going on and not just see it.

The Smart DVR  models are kept fairly compact housing 2 HDDs that we offer with up to a 6TB per drive but the low-cost ZipSTOR HDD enclosure simply plugs in to the rear eSATA socket of the DVR to allow a further 4 drives to be added if required.

  DVR204-01A/B/C/D/E DVR208-01B/C/D/E DVR216-01B/C/D/E/F/G
Video Inputs 4 8 16
Video in Connection BNC Sockets BNC Sockets BNC Sockets
Compatibility TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP
Resolution 5MP (Max) 5MP (Max) 5MP (Max)
Recording Resolution 5MP Lite* 5MP Lite* 5MP Lite*
Recording Speed 2MP - 11 fps / 5MP - 12 fps 2MP - 25 fps / 5MP - 13 fps 2MP - 25 fps / 5MP - 14 fps
Compression H264 / H265 H264 / H265 H264 / H265
Max IP Cameras 2 x 2MP /  1 x 4MP 4 x 2MP /  2 x 4MP 4 x 4MP
IP Camera Connection LAN (RJ45) LAN (RJ45) LAN (RJ45)
IP Bandwidth 8MB 16MB 32MB
Audio Inputs 4 8 16
Audio Input Connection Phono Sockets Phono Sockets Phono Sockets
Audio Over Co-ax Yes Yes Yes
Audio Output 1 1 1
Audio Out Connection Phono Socket Phono Socket Phono Socket
Alarm Inputs 4 + Via IP Cameras 8 + Via IP Cameras 16 + Via IP Cameras
Alarm Input Connection Spring Clamp Terminals Spring Clamp Terminals Spring Clamp Terminals
Alarm Outputs 1 + Via IP Cameras 1 + Via IP Cameras 1 + Via IP Cameras
Alarm Output Connection Spring Clamp Terminal Spring Clamp Terminal Spring Clamp Terminal
Video Outputs 3 3 3
Video Out Connection HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot
Hard Drive Slots 1 1 2
Max Drive Capacity 6TB** 6TB** 12TB (2x 6TB**)
eSata Up To 48TB Up To 48TB Up To 48TB
Networkable Yes Yes Yes
Network Connection RJ45 RJ45 RJ45
Communication Coaxitron (UTC) / RS485 Coaxitron (UTC) / RS485 Coaxitron (UTC) / RS485
RS485 Interface Spring Clamp Terminals Spri